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Binford's Training Log


Just for reference guys i'm really week, i haven't really worked out at all since september and i only weigh like 140 lbs anyway, i'm just i'm gonna get flamed for posting what weights i can do but, oh well.

Monday, November 24
bench press- ME,155x1, 95 x 15
t-bar row- 90x5, 115x3,135x3, 95 x 8
lying ez bar ext- 45x10,50x10,50x10
reverse incline hammer curl-15x10, 20x10, 15x10
external rotators

Wednesday, November 26
good morning- ME, 115x3,65x8
natural GHR- 3x8(no where close to doing one with no pushup)
hyperextension- 3x10 with 15lbs behind head
hanging pike with knee's tucked- 5,4,3
roman chair sit ups- 2x10
roman chair side raises- 1x8
box squats with bands through belt- 2x10
(this seem to really help me to learn to sit back, because the band tension helps u be able to sit back, and are way tougher than i thought)

This is the first time i've done good mornings since the summer when i had a back injury, not sure i'm doing them right but i really feel it in my hamstrings and not much in my lower back. i'm pushing my ass back and i have to bend my knees because of lack of flexibility to go down very far. My knees dont move forward or anything but they do bend from pushing my butt back. Still not sure i'm doing them right though. Anybody with any comments let them fly.


By the way here are my stats and previous PR's that i want to surpass.

140 lbs
bench- 200
squat- 265
deadlift- 295


You're really week, what, as in seven days!


No one is gonna flame ya for the weights you lift. Everyone starts or re-starts somewhere. Just bust your ass and keep progressing. That is all that matters. As long as the weights keep improving no one will utter a peep.


Sorry DrStu spelling error, i'm really weak.


Ha Ha just yanking your chain!

Seriously though, it doesn't matter what you lift as you will improve and that's what it's al about, making yourself improve.


Friday, November 28
dynamic bench - 8x3 with 75lbs
floor press- 115x5,5,5, 75x12
chin up- BW x 5,5,5
reverse band pull- 4x12
external rotators


Saturday, Nov 29
box squat- worked up to 185 for 3 singles, still fairly fast
few sets of light good mornings, hyperextensions and some ab eowrk.

Didn't have alot of time today we had our family thanksgiving today so i just got in and did a few box squats. This is the first time i've done them using lowbar stance, makes it much easier to sit back, this is one of the first times my knee's didn't go past my toes when squatting. But i also haven't done squats in a while at all so i just went light and didnt' wanna push it to hard. But my back felt really stable and strong so thats good. I had a lil trouble keeping the bar on my back, so i started pulling down hard with my hands and keeping a tight arch and it helped a lil, but i dont have much of a back to put it on, so it might be a lil rough. So untill monday, max effort bench day.


Monday, December 1st
bench press- 175x1, 115x12
t-bar row- 135x3, 145x1, 95x10
incline EZ bar ext- 45x10, 55x10,10
reverse incline hammer curl- 20x10,10, 15x10
lateral raise- 10x12, 15x8,10x4,5x3(last 3 sets were drops sets)

Starting to get back in the groove even though i'm sure i couldnt' have gone any higher than 175 today, 175 was still very fast so thats good. I'm going to go ahead and use the bench press for my max effort exercise next week because i feel i can still move up next week and then i'll probably switch to pin presses.


Binford use different max effort exercises beside the bench press. here is your homework. You are to eat one box of hamburger helper every day. Also you need to eat 3 snicker bars. I wanna see alot of good mornings and alot of chins and close grip work. good luck.


After reading Goldberg's post, I can see why strength sports are getting more popular...

Hamburger Helper is to Power Lifting as Alcohol is to Bowling.


Wednesday, Dec 3
good mornings- 145x3
natural GHR- 3x8 (TOUGH!!!)
hypers- 3x15, BW
unilateral leg press- 3x10, 180lbs
steep decline sit ups- 3x10, 10 lbs

Great workout today, probably could have went to 175 or higher on the goodmornings but i still dont feel that comfortable pushing it. I've only done heavy good mornings once or twice in my life before and these last 2 weeks is the first time since my back injury and my back is feeling great, feeling very strong.

Goldberg: Not sure about eating the hamburger helper as i have an unlimited meal plan in the dining hall but i do eat about 2 or 3 snicker bars a day haha. I do plan on using other exercises besides the bench for max effort but because i haven't worked out in a while i figured it take a few weeks to figure out what my true max is, so then i could figure out what to use for speed work. But i will probably go ahead and change the max effort exercises as i figure my max is around 200, so i'll use around 95 lbs for speed work. Next week i'll be doing squats for max effort work also. Till friday, dynamic effort bench day.


Goldberg: So you dont think doing speed work after a 3 or 5 rep max would be beneficial at all? I see your point for doing it after a 1 RM as it would be to taxing and less optimal. But after a 3 rep max or so it seems like your speed would just be crazy fast after doing heavy sets. The routine that christian gave norcross and machine had them doing speed work after isometrics and accentuated eccentrics, so i dont see why it wouldn't work after a 3 or 5 RM. I'm by no means argueing with you, because i'm probably wrong and your probably right but i am just having a friendly discussion, but i'm just curious why u say it wouldnt' be beneficial, cause i look up to you as somebody that is knowledgeable about gaining strength. But i thought about having the 2 days like westside and doing like this. Just an example.
Day 1
floor presses- work up to 3RM
dynamic bench press- 8x3, 45%1RM
assistance work

Day 2
dynamic bench press- 8x3, 45%1RM
close grip bench- work up to 5RM

I chose 1 full range movement and 1 partial movement for the heavy work and i would keep it this way and change both every 2 weeks. The only thing i would think might not work well with this is overtraining the CNS. I know this isn't true westside which is what u are and westside is great, but i was just curious what u'd think on this one. Thanks


i would spend the time after the max effort work on stuff like board presses, tricep extensions, dips, or jm presses. you need to be building some mass and getting stronger during this time. leave dynamic day for dynamic day.