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Bin Laden Tape

Conventional wisdom says that the recent Bin Laden tape helps the President. What say the T-Nation politicos?

Cronkite says that Rove was behind it. I don’t think that’s the case, but he makes the point that it is something that could propel Bush to a sure victory.

LOL Rove was behind the Bin Laden tape? …oh my.

Cronkite’s comment makes me angry that three liberal networks had the monopoly on information for forty years.

Imagine what we missed. Imagine if there had been an internet during Vietnam. JFK’s Presidency? Watergate?



That is an excellent point!

Cronkite was either joking, or he’s gone crazy. Hard to tell which one…

One remark from Mr.Kerry’s wife last week was that she would not be supprised if the USA army captured Bin Laden to try and turn the elections.

Here we are a week later and this tape shows up and Mr.Kerry said had Bush done his job correctly Bin Laden would be either dead or in prison right now.

Now the liberal news media wants the American people to believe that the Presedent is behind this video.

The next thing that will come out is that Holly Wood staged this film and it was secretly delivered to the Palestine news dept…GO FIGURE!!! Who knows anymore how low they will go to discredit the Presedent of the United States of America.

The tape will help perpetuate the apalling ‘climate of fear’ that exists at the moment. This will help W. as people, especially frightened women, see him as protecting them from terrorism, when as Osama says, who is president will make little or no difference.