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Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off Two NASA Research Scientists


Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off Two NASA Research Scientists In 1987 About U.S. Government Plans To Cause 9/11; Now Third Person Comes Forward To Verify Scientists' Incredible Story
Besides the tip-off about 9/11, one of the researchers involved in a government-funded advanced brain development program says she uncovered a secret study called "Global Cleanse 2000" outlining U.S. Government strategies for intitiating global war and population reduction.
July 27, 2005

By Greg Szymanski

Rene Welch cut ?a deal with the devil,? a deal she recently broke when she went public about her two 1987 encounters with Saudi royals, including two of the bin Laden brothers who claimed the U.S. government was actively involved in pre-arranging 9/11.

Welch?s incredible story, first made public in May, has already been verified by one other former NASA scientist. But this week another person present at the meeting also came forward to verify Welch?s story.

The meetings with the Saudis took place in Sedona and Pleasant Valley, Arizona, and lasted more than eight hours each time, the bin Ladens revealing in 1987 detailed plans how the U.S. government was planning to attack the World Trade Center, kicking off a global catastrophe, including a massive war in the Middle East.

Besides being verified by Ronald Logsdon, 49, of Philadelphia, a scientist who worked in a NASA program with Welch and also present at the bin Laden meetings, this week long time Sedona resident, Naomi Niles, also verified the Sedona meeting took place.

?Yes, I was there at one of the meetings back in 1987,? said Niles this week from her Sedona home, adding the details of the story should be left for Logsdon and Welch to describe since she was not a part of the NASA program.

And Welch not only learned about the U.S. government?s pre-planning of 9/11 from the bin Ladens back in 1987, but this week from her Albuquerque home Welch added more, saying when working for NASA as a scientist on brain development research in Phoenix, she obtained a secret computer code and was able to uncover the findings of a government-funded project titled ?Global Cleanse 2000,? a study outlining strategies for global war and population reduction.

After learning of the government?s evil intentions almost 20 years ago and being a government target ever since, Welch talked about ?the deal she made with the devil,? adding she always had a tacit understanding with FBI and CIA operatives, that if she?d ?shut up and lay low,? they?d leave her alone.

But two months ago Welch broke the deal, deciding to tell America what she learned about the U.S. government?s pre-planning of 9/11, saying although the story?s a hard pill to swallow and ?may sound unbelievable,? she felt the need to risk public humiliation, government harassment and warn Americans anyway.

?Just like before, they?ll be after me again now that I went public,? said Welch who has been drugged and beaten on several occasions by government operatives.

And since she went public in May the harassment stated again, starting in the similar subtle manner it did after she was unexpectedly approached by the Saudis, including the bin Ladens.

But Welch, instead or running and hiding, is now prepared to fight back hard, making public a 200 page document detailing information obtained about the staging of 9/11, Global Cleanse 2000 and about FBI and CIA civil rights violations.

?I?m naming names and want justice,? added Welch.

She also said she wants to document her story in a book, starting from the time she was a ?military brat,? her father being an Air Force B-52 pilot, when at the age of three she displayed exceptional ESP abilities and channeling powers, powers that eventually led her into the NASA program as an adult.

Concerning the 200 page diaries documenting her FBI troubles and knowledge of 9/11, copies of the documents have previously been sent to several members of the former Clinton White House, including Hillary Clinton, as well as to Taos, NM. former district attorney John Paternoster, who Welch approached in 1995 about government death threats.

Paternoster, now in private practice in Taos, recently said he couldn?t remember ever meeting Welch or hearing about the bin Laden story.

?He knows me and an investigator named Martinez was even assigned to my case,? said Welch this week in a telephone conversation from her New Mexico home. ?I saw him several times and even have kept receipts from his office, given to me regarding the 200 page document I gave him. He just wants the whole thing to go away and is probably afraid to tell the truth.

Regarding possible FBI and CIA further retaliation, she added:

?What?s the difference if they?re planning global war and mass population reduction,? said Welch. ?When I worked for NASA Application Technical Center In Phoenix, involved in brain development and mind control projects, I accessed the code for the computers and read a secret project they were working on called ?Global Cleanse 2000,? outlining certain strategies like 9/11 to start a global war and how other strategies regarding how to reduce the world?s population.

?Now, again, after I went public, the harassment has started, my phone is tapped and they are starting to mess with my life. This time I am really frightened since they are very serious about keeping people like me, who know too much, quiet since they are getting closer to their objective of destroying this country.

?In the past I noticed when I stayed quiet, they left me alone. But when I started talking, the harassment then followed. That?s how I know they are still watching me and have always been watching me.?

Welch?s claim that two of the outspoken bin Laden brothers, not Osama, told her about the U.S. government?s plans to stage 9/11in 1987 is not an idle fantasy or a story made up by a hyper-sensitive person?s imagination.

Logsdon, the other NASA employed scientist who worked along side Welch, verified her story this way:

"Two of the bin Laden brothers came some 90 miles from Phoenix, Arizona, and stopped at our doorstep unannounced. Their bodyguards set up a surveillance parameter around our property and others came into our house, taped up the windows and set up a film projector. The people in this motorcade seemed very scared, and presented this as a matter of life and death," recalled Logsdon, who said at the time in 1987 the couple had no idea about the eventual 9/11 implications.

"These men told us to be very cautious and to assume that we were under surveillance by our government. For several hours they showed us films of meetings of key Arabs and U.S. government officials discussing the oil issues. The bottom line was that if the Arabs did not do it their way, the U.S. would simply take their oil by force. They also explained that they have been manipulated into setting up bank accounts where oil profits were siphoned off and were no longer under their control.

"They then explained why the World Trade Centers were the ideal target for this purpose. The two bin Ladens showed us this film because they made it very clear how they did not want to be involved with any U.S. plot to manipulate the Arab governments or start a war."

Regarding the ongoing government harassment to keep her quiet, Welch said a two year period in the mid 1990s was most troubling when an agent infiltrated her life, finally using drugs and other types of physical harassment to get information after gaining her trust.

?I wouldn?t be honest if I didn?t tell you I was scared again and I know some people have a hard time believing this story, but it?s true,? said Welch, recalling the years when she said the agent who used the name Alfred Hermendorf injected her with several types of different drugs.

?But I am going to release the information and tell my story in a book because these people are evil and want to destroy America. There is a global catastrophe right around the corner and they may even make it look like a natural disaster. But I saw the plans back in the 1980s and after 9/11. I know it is going to happen unless we quickly get Bush out of power.?

Welch and Logsdon became aware of this radical element in our government, trying to create this new world order, when they worked together as scientists at NASA?s Application Technical Center Institute in Phoenix.

Together with over 100 "think tank" participants, Logsdon, an engineer, and Welch, a licensed hypnotism -therapist and head of the Global Elite Scientist?s Club, were developing technology to better understand the brain?s memory and psychic ability capacities.

The pair came up with they called the "light and sound" machine, receiving much praise during the 80s for what was thought then to be ground breaking work. It was this project that eventually brought them in contact with the bin Ladens, creating the backdrop for why they both know 9/11 was a staged U.S. government event.

"They (at NASA) ended up stealing our work and then after the bin Laden incident denied knowing that Rene and I even existed," said Logsdon.


Sorry, but this article really jumed the shark when it mentioned how she "displayed exceptional ESP abilities and channeling powers."


Did you post this as a joke? Because there's no way anybody in their right mind could actually believe this.


Wow, 14 years warning of an attack on 9/11/01 and we still were not prepared?

We should have banned all air travel for 14 years.

Even if this is true it is still irrelevant. Without knowledge of dates, methods, targets and people involved there is little the governmement can do to stop individual attacks.

Besides, I thought Bush did it.


I would believe it...if it weren't too good to be true.


ESP, how could I miss that???

Too fucking funny.


This article is saying the US plotted the 9/11 attacks back in 1987 in conjunction with NASA and called it "Project Cleanse 2000". Seems absurd to me. I'm having trouble seeing the Bin Laden family connection here. I thought they were a wealthy Saudi family in the construction business. How are they involved with US international oil plots in the late 80's?

And while I do believe the US has a psi ops program, this woman seems like a complete loon to me. If she really knew what she claims to know, it wouldn't matter what kind of mental gifts she has, she'd be long dead by now. This story sounds contrived to me.


There is one thing that no one can deny: The Internet has given every wacky theory, every Bush hater and all who have plenty of spare time a place to vent.

Hmm, maybe that's not such a bad thing....



I wonder if their "light and sound' machine can pick up on what I'm thinking right now.

On an slightly related subject - I think we might have located JTF's love child.



Look at everything Jleski has posted in his brief time here, as well as his comments. All Conspiracy...all the time, with brief repasts of Anti-Administration propoganda.

I haven't taken anything he has posted seriously. This looks like it could have come right from the National Enquirer.


More like the Weekly World News (which makes the National Enquirer look like the Washington Post).


Hmm, right up until this point it was an interesting read...

I mean, sure, I'll bet the government has done all kinds of studies with respect to perception and so on, but to actually claim you have exceptional ESP abilities and channeling powers?

Somehow the credibility factor is sounding awful damned low.

I'll show you channeling powers... give me the remote!


That should pretty well kill the hell out of this thread if vroom's throwing the BS flag.


This thread is a perfect example of why the First Amendment is so valuable to our society.

"Freedom of speech helps you spot the idiot."


This is about as accurate as the thank(blame) Palestine thread.


I don't know how anyone gave any credence to this at all once the allegations were laid out - it was basic tin-foil-hat conspiracy stuff from the get-go.

The idea that one had to actually get to the point where she claimed ESP powers before knowing this is utter crap is actually kind of funny.


LOL...He missed a good opportunity to blame Bush for.....well for something.. :slight_smile:


I think JLESK is a genius!!!

You guys are just freakin' jealous of his mental prowess.

I'm sick of all your negativity.

You just refuse to see THE TRUTH!!!

Think about it, there was a Republican President in 1987. There is a Republican President now.

Guess who was Vice President in 1987: You guessed it GEORGE BUSH!!!

Not convinced? We were flying the shuttle in the 80's, we are flying the shuttle now!!! If NASA controlled the government, they wouldn't ever have to introduce a new vehicle!!!

Don't run down the only true genius of this forum, jlesk!!!



Zeb, I can count on you not to notice that I do actually have the ability to disagree with those with an apparent ABB liberal mindset...


Boston, if you were referring to me, I said it was an interesting read, not that it was likely to be true. For example, I like science fiction and find it an interesting read at times... heck, even some of the blogs you post are an interesting read.


Now that was QUALITY! LMAO!!!