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Billy Mays Found Dead at Tampa, FL Home



What is with all the celebrities dying this week?


Damn they are dropping like flies.


I wouldn't exactly call him a "celebrity"...


It is sad to say he was...but everybody does know him. RIP Billy.


Hell of a beard.


My thread lost to yours by one minute.


And lost to my post in the MJ thread by 17 minutes.

But who's counting? :wink:


Did anyone here see the show Pitchmen starring him and Anthony Sullivan?

I think this was the first season, and it was pretty funny stuff seeing what goes on behind the scenes of infomercials (with the added bonus of Sullivan bitching about working with Billy Mays several times an episode).


SkylarMist you're kinda hot (see what I did there??)


Were you referring to me? (names similar...but waaay off!!) If so...thanks...I think?!?


they are saying he was hit on the head in a rough plane landing recently. i bet its similar to Natasha Richardson's death


Since the threshold for "celebrity" status has been lowered, and celebrities aren't accorded immortality by their celebrity status, I predict "celebrity" death headlines will be increasing.


Damn, I'm more shocked about Billy than Michael... I mean Billy's career was really starting to take off with his new TV show and all... bummer.


same here. Michael wasn't healthy for a long time and seeing Billy in his commercials and show he always seemed upbeat and vibrant. not someone you expected to die.


I wonder if they'll bring in this guy for questioning...


Ya, Billy Mays was the fucking man.

Billy and Farrah will be missed.

Michael who ,again?


Ya think Chuck Norris slowly picks off other celebrities with beards ?


MJ, Farrah, now Billy...

Think God might as well take my balls next.


OxiClean gets out everything, including your soul.


Wow. Who wants to start betting on who's next?