Bill's New Supplement

Anyone excited about Bill’s new pro-hormone that was mentioned in Brock’s article today? I actually got a hard-on reading about it. I can’t wait till it hits the market.

Biotest has done right by me so far. I want a taste. If you’re getting a hard-on just reading about prohormones, though, why do you need them? (JK) :slight_smile:

This product along with n-17e gets me very excited, just a matter of how long will we have to wait?

Yeah it sounded pretty cool. I wonder if this supplement is different then the N-17E that was so hyped up about a year ago.

I’d say I’m pretty F’in excited. Bill, Brock we’d all like to hear more about the product, that is if you can speak on it. Thanks guys, keep up the good work. outlaw.

Hell yeah I’m excited, sounds like it’s going to be an awsome additional to the supplement arsenal.

I think the 4-AD version will hit 1st guys.
And it rocks, I had like 20g of it and I have
to tell you it is my favorite steroid, legal
or otherwise, and I have pestered Tim
Patterson for more every week for the last
8 weeks as we’re out of it.

No hype here - I guarantee that this will be the most revolutionary anabolic prohormone to ever hit the market bar none.


Brock: Please clarify…I thought we already had a super potent 4-AD supplement (Androsol)?
Also, since we’ve been teased for almost a year with N-17E and Euphoria, how 'bout a more solid timeframe?
I’m surprised you chose to write about something like this in the public website rather than, say, e-mailing the VIP members with this info. Aren’t you concerned with your competitors once again hopping on your bandwagon, and also the federal powers-that-be busting your ass on this one?
Looking forward to your answers and the new product(s).

So this product is basically an oral 4-AD, right? How is this going to be much better than Androsol, more bioavailability??? I hope this doesn’t replace Androsol, as I like the topical delivery mechanism very much.

Brock - If I remember correctly, you injected this by converting it using Benzoyl Alcohol, USP and Safflower Oil, USP, then filtering it. Obviously & unfortunately, I don’t think Biotest can sell an injectable as a “supplement”. Do you think that the commercial oral product sold by Biotest will be anywhere as effective, if so at what % versus injecting like you did? Hopefully you’ll be able to sell a kit with the powder/pills to make the injectables on the side for those of us who want to try the injectable route.

I don’t remember were I read it but I believe Mr. Roberts new prohormone can be taken orally instead of topically. Kelly the N-17E is a diffrent compound.