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Bills New Prohormone

Don’t worry, this isn’t yet another message asking what, when, how much, etc. I just wanted to observe that various Biotest competitors are stating that they will be releasing a “state of the art” oral prohormone in the near future. What I find curious is that none of them seem to be able to release their product due to “research and development difficulties”. Now why do I get the feeling that (1) they don’t currently have any such product in the development stage and (2) they’re all waiting for Bill to release his so they can copy it? (Who wants to bet me that once Bill does release his product, there will be a slew of “new” oral prohormones on the market within eight weeks?)

Bob, as much as I love a good bet, I’m gonna have to back out of this one. Remember when EAS was the leading sports nutrition company in R&D? If you look at their new product line, you’ll see stuff that’s already been done before. It must really piss the scientists off who put their heart and soul making these supplements and later finding out some sleazy competetor, who spent neither money, nor brains, into developing these same products, is selling them. What’s worse is they can steal the competition by not having to charge you so much because there isn’t any R&D money to make up for. And I doubt the inventor gets paid royalties when a competetor sells their mimmicked product. I would rather pay the extra money for a supplement when I know where it’s going is to the original makers of that product.