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Bill Whittle on the Sarah Palin Haters


GREAT breakdown of the liberal Sarah Palin hate machine.


First off, PJ media is trash. I will never take seriously a news outlet that lowers the already abysmal current bar for journalistic standard by sending an idiot plumber to report news. Emphasis there is on "idiot." I would hold a news organization that sends out someone like Garofalo in the same regard.

Secondly the gentleman in this video smugly declares how frightening it is for someone with integrity to be destroyed by those without it. As if Mrs. Palin's integrity is granted and without question. I happen to believe quite the opposite. Case in point, just today she posted this real gem on facebook: (http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=113851103434)

The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's "death panel" so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their "level of productivity in society," whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

For her to insinuate a "death panel" is going to ration away health care for, and effectively kill her baby has only two possible derivations. The first being that she is an absolute idiot who cannot comprehend what is actually entailed in Obama's health care plan, and instead was fed a talking point which she will happily parrot. The second being that she in fact knows there is not, nor will ever be, such a thing as a "death panel" yet shrewdly knows she can prey on weaker minded Americans who are all too trusting and easily scared into action. Both cases lack any semblance of integrity, and substance. Sorry Mr. Whittle, I think Mrs. Palin's integrity does in fact need a check.

Furthermore, on to Mr. Whittle's dramatically flawed house of cards. He states that the ethics investigations on Mrs. Palin have been caused by false accusations propagated by liberal bloggers and other "miscreants," and just like Mrs. Palin he either cannot grasp that the system does not work that way, or he does understand and is simply shameless in preying on those who are easily convinced.

Does he forget that any accusation which finds itself in court has been subjected to fact finding and investigative review, and the lowly miscreant bloggers have zero part in that process? Does he forget that the $500,000 of "real money" quoted as a cost to Mrs. Palin is total bunk, and that the governor of Alaska has on retainer attorneys who get paid to handle these exact issues, and that per being on retainer they get paid whether they work for the governor or not?

This is bullshit, cut on the bias.


It sounds as though some one is taking the plays right out of the Republican hand book


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Nationalized health care isn't exactly what we're looking at here though. We are looking at payer reform. Insurance companies are still involved, and we still have a choice. That being said, even if we were talking about full on socialized health care, I would argue that we have the benefit of seeing the pitfalls of other nationalized health care programs. Couple that with the fact that we are most certainly not British, meaning fundamentally even us democrats don't think the way they do, and I think it is not accurate to point to other nationalized systems and say "that's what we're in for"

We're rationed now! I would be shocked if any member of this forum hasn't had a prescription denied because the insurance company doesn't agree with the pill being used for certain ailments. Or, more covertly a doctor doesn't prescribe what they would like because they know it won't be paid for. That is rationing. Opponents of health care reform, and obviously yourself, seem to be saying that certain people will be entirely denied health care based on whether they are old, and this is sensationalism. If my grandma and I both go to the doctor because of headaches, would they make her wait while the pull out the stops for me? hell no. If we both went in with obliterated knees, would they replace mine and leave hers alone? Probably but that is happening now.

In the US, who pays for a vast overwhelming majority of elderly health care? The government! Specifically Medicare/Medicaid. People seem to forget this, and are getting bent out of shape saying that the once the government takes over their care, then they will be left to die, yet forget the Gov is currently in charge of most elderly health care.

[to clarify, I'm not saying Medicare/Medicaid is great, but isn't much different from what is coming down the line]


I've read your posts, your nothing but an Obamaist tool




We are rationed now true, but not near like we will be. let's say you like popsicles and now you can have one a day. we'll be lucky to have one a year later.

There are degrees, but we still can appeal decisions with almost all plans. Wait to you see what happens if we get this.


I truly believe that since Bush left office, the droves of people suffering from 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' have had no viable outlet for their hatred. That is until Sarah Palin became a household name.

It's strange isn't it? They could just go ahead and continue to demonize Bush, but instead it's all about Palin. It's as if there was no 43rd president, like Bush never existed..... The EXACT same vitriol that was being hurled at Bush every second of his term is now being, VERBATIM, hurled at Palin!

And she hasn't done ANYTHING to deserve any of it! Fascinating bunch of people they are.......... 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' sufferers...............


Mathematics works the same both side of the Atlantic. There are limited health care resources, they have to be divided somehow. You either want direct control over how they're split up, or you want the government in control, or possibly some hybrid of the two like we have now.


And these programs are already going to run out of money. How is setting up another similar program going help this situation. We can't run these entitlement programs off of the back of current workers. Its a giant Ponzi scheme, and the demographics will not allow it.

Health care costs have a finite cost, you can't eliminate it. Think about all the B.S., M.S. M.D., Ph.Ds there are currently working in all the health care fields. All that education has to be paid for. All the employees at all the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical supplies companies, hospitals. This stuff isn't free, someone has to pay for it all.


Thank you for the post. I wish it had a broader venue. I appreciate a good dose of reason and common sense when and where I can get it. It is such a scarce resource these days.


And borrek is REALLY not going to like this one either:


Exactly, btw medicare and Medicaid blow.


Exactly again, you want crappy health care, drive out all the smart guys and see what happens.


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Wow, you haven't read the points on the health care bill, have you? Because of you had, you'd be really kinda dumb to say alot of what you said. But you;re not dumb. You are merely judging what she says based on who's saying it. Under the new bill you, me and just about all of us will be eligible for early termination.


You are more than welcome to switch insurance companies if you are not happy with them. If you really think you've been fucked you can even sue them. When the govt makes a decision you don't like you have absolutely no recourse. (see IRS) I don't know what is so hard to understand about that. You brain damaged libs should be arguing for more competition, not a closed loop. The free market ain't perfect but its a hell of a lot better than anything else.


That is what Obamaâ??s plan call for is the ins. Industry is going to have to compete with a Gov. run program.


There is no such thing as competing with a govt program. How is a company of any kind supposed to compete with the very body that writes the regulations it has to abide by? Obama himself has said many times that he eventually wants a single payer govt run system.

On page 16 of the healthcare bill is a provision making private insurance illegal. You can keep the plan you have now, but if you are dropped, change jobs, or start a business the only coverage available is govt. Over a few years this will phase out private insurers all together.