Bill, storing open MAG10 bottle

I am about to start a 2 week cycle of MAG10 using 1.5 doses/day. Naturally, by the end of the cycle I will have half a bottle left which I won’t be able to use for about 2 months. Can I store it? How?

You could put it in the refrigerator. (Freezer
would also be an option but refrigerator would be more than good enough.)

For that matter, for 2 months, I wouldn’t worry about room temperature, either, but the refrigerator would be preferred (perhaps too small a difference to be a difference, but certainly couldn’t hurt.)

Another solution I use is to lengthen your cycle by 4 or 5 additional days until the second bottle is gone. Make it a 2 1/2 week cycle instead of 2 week cycle. Or you could drop back the 3rd week to 1 dose a day and make it a full 3 week cycle - 1st 2 weeks at 1.5 doses/day and 3rd week at 1 dose/day.

Um, I should mention the obvious…how do you go through a Mag 10 cycle using 1.5 doses/day for two weeks and still have half a bottle left over? 1.5 doses would be approximately 2 capfuls/day (technically a bit more but I’m rounding down)…in every calculation I’ve performed 2 capfuls per day should just barely make two weeks per bottle unless you live in the land beyond the magic mirror.

I usually do the 1.5 dose/day also. A bottle of Mag-10 = 126ml and 1 dose = 9ml, so 1.5 dose would = 13.5ml, therefore, 2 bottles of Mag-10 = 252ml divided by 13.5ml (1.5 dose) = ~19 doses or days, so if only doing 14 days (2 weeks), you would have 63ml (10.5 capfulls)leftover in the 2nd bottle. I just use it up and do a 19 day cycle…no smoke or mirrors, just math. Also, the bottles of Mag-10 I’ve gotten have been slightly overfilled so you will easily get the 19 days. Another reason to use a dosing syringe than the cap - your mag-10 apparently will go another week.

Ah…I thought he was talking about one bottle lasting more than two weeks, not two bottles. Sorry, I was posessed by the Moron god for a moment…