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Bill Star's Program + MAG-10 Legacy

Ok heres my situation. Im currently on week 5 of bill stars 5x5 variation program and im sitting on 2 bottles of MAG-10 Legacy. Im maxing out my weight now(around 255lbs) and want to jump on this stuff and hopefully hit 275 by begining of June.

However, as some of u know, weeks 5-10 on bill stars program are not as strenous as the first phase. Id only be lifting 3x a week, and each session would be consisting of a 3x3 or 1x3 routine.

My question is will i still see good weight gains with this training routine? Or should i hold off for a few more weeks and use MAG-10 on a diff routine? thanks for the feedback

Hold off for sure. You don’t have the volume necessary for growth at this point. CW says at least 25 reps 3x per week to grow. You could just continue your current phase and then use the heavy/low volume stuff at the end of MAG-10. That’s what I’d do.