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Bill Starr's 5x5

Any of you have tried this program ? I just started it and it’s too easy. I start rushing only at my last set for every exercices. When I finish my workout, I feel that I can do the whole thing again right after.

I wonder if it is normal.


add weight

in the beginning its like that but it gets more difficult as you add more weight

Heheh…add a little weight and give it some time. Come back in a few weeks and let us know how it’s working out.

If you start with weights that are near impossible, you will never make it through the program, or make any progress. Just pick a good starting weight, and follow it through to the end.

[quote]jp_dubya wrote:
add weight[/quote]

I second that. It was also easy for me, but I always add 3 pound, next workout again and again and it’s not that easy any more.
I like this simple program as I’m not that whipped as with more complex routines.

I thought that at first. Wait until week 4 or 5 and the thing is brutal (if its being done correctly that is) Infact, enjoy this honeymoon period! I think if you start and its a killer straight away then you will quickly run out of steam later down the line…

thanks alot guys I’ll post some updates in 4-5 weeks !

can’t wait until it gets harder ! haha


It’s intended to be easy in the beginning and harder in the end (search for “intensity cycling”).

I’m doing “Starting Strength” by Rippetoe and I thought the same thing you did starting up Bill Starr’s 5x5. . . at first its somewhat easy, but where I’m at now its hard as hell. I need all the sleep/food I can get.

I’ll keep this in mind when I do 5x5.


every routine is easy

when you use chicken weights

try doubling all poundages and see how easy it is

gee, can’t do that? then add 20% and see how you go. if good, add 20% next time too.