Bill Starr's 5x5 Question

Hey all,

I’m planning on giving Bill Starr’s 5x5 from the strongest shall survive, but am running into an issue.

I don’t have a spotter for barbell bench.

-I’ve primarily used dumbbells for bench, but don’t know how well this would work for the escalating 5x5 twice a week. If this isn’t an option, should I switch out flat bench for military press mondays/fridays and do db bench on wednesadys?

Thanks for the help, I hope people have given this routine a shot…

while my reasons for skipping bench are different from yours i did push presses on day 1 (5rm) & day 3 (5x5) & on day 2 i did strict overhead presses (either 5x10 or 5x5). or do what you said if you like.