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Bill Starr's 5x5 Question

Hi guys, I’m planning to follow Bill Star’s 5x5, but I wasn’t able to find the rest time for the “light day”…

In fact the first series are like a warm up (ex bench…45-55-60-70-80 kg)…how much should I rest between the first and second set?

That’s the program I’d like to do: (any feed is apprecieted)

Thx a lot!!!

Starr says that on light days, minimal rests can be done to improve conditioning.

I have been doing it and just completed my 4th week. Since I stalled on the bench I took some days to work only the muscles that support bench pressing. Overall I have seen improvement in strength and an increase in appetite.

I really think it is a great program and I hope to do it 12 weeks, go to the 3x3 program and maybe revert back. I know this doesn’t answer your question but I just wanted to encourage you because it is really a great design. Looking forward to what others have to say, also to the answer to the questions.