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Bill Starr's 5x5, 4 Days a Week?

Hey guys,
I’ve been doing Bill Starr’s 5x5 Linear Version for Intermediate Lifters, and wanted to know if there is anyway I could do the same style of program; but for 4 or more days a week.

Thanks for any help.

I also have a question like this. Something that can be done Mon, tues, wed, and thurs but is like 5x5?


It is my opinion that if you did 4 straight days of 5x5 you will quickly burn out. Try mixing up your rep/set scheme a little such as:
Flat bench
Shoulder press

Incline Bench
lat pull downs
leg ext
leg curl
Lat raises


So on and So on you get the point. I would say for better idea look at Waterbury’s Total Body Training Workout. It seems to be great for a lot of folks. Good luck!!

Shit CT’s OVT is nothing but 5x5, and is 4 days a week. As long as you are backing it with proper nutrition(tons of calories), then you’ll be fine.

I’m starting the second week of experimenting with a hybrid 5X5 program, that incorporates some of Chad W’s philosophies … It’s an 8 day cycle, so all the muscle groups get more recovery between workouts, which at my age, works for me. (42) I’m using Bill S.'s weight progression calculations for all of the 5X5 lifts, and committing 6 weeks to it before I tweak anything.

Day 1
BB BPress-flat 5X5
BB Rows 5X5
Push Presses 3X8
Incline DB Curls 3X10

Day 2
Back Squats 5X5
Conv DLifts 5X5
Calf Blast

Day 3
BB BPress-incline 5X5
weighted chinups 5X5
Upright Rows 3X8
BB Curls 3X8

Day 4 - off

Day 5
Front Squats 5X5
Romanian Dlifts 5X5
Calf Work

Day 6
BB Bench Press 5X5
BB Rows 5X5
Arnold Presses 3X12
Preacher Curls 3X6

Day 7
Back Squats 5X5
Sumo Dlift 5X5
Calf Blast

Day 8 - off

Thanks for the advice, what do you guys think of adding Chad Waterbury’s Hypertrophy Booster Shots? I like the idea of working out five days a week, and getting more size on my Calves, upper back, deltoids and biceps. But so sure on the really high reps the program requires.