Bill Starr's 5 x 5 Program

Watup guys. I was thinking of doing Bill Starr’s 5 x 5 program and I wondered what you all think. Since he only has 3 compound lifts per workout, I would probably add a couple more of my own lifts at the end, following different set/rep parameters.

Here’s the link to the program:

What do you all think?

Thanks - HM


[quote]Substituting Exercises:
Don’t fuck with this. Every bodybuilder seems to have Attention Deficit Disorder and an overwhelming desire to customize everything.

The bottom line is that these are all the most effective exercises and just about anything one does will result in less gains. As a rule those people who want to change it don’t know enough to make proper alterations - those who do know enough, don’t have much to change. The guy who is responsible for this program is of the best on the planet at bulking lifters and making people stronger. It’s kind of like Sesame Street’s Elmo offering neurosurgery advice at NYU.

Anyway, it’s absolutely essential not to screw with the squats, they are the foundation of this program. If you want to sub inclines or push presses for military that’s okay. Do not sub machines - don’t even think about it, hit yourself with a plate if you must.

For arms choose a single biceps and triceps exercise and perform them at the end once per week for 3 sets of whatever - your arms will take a beating from all the pulling and pressing anyway. If you want to chin on Wednesday or do a few sets of pulldowns/ups that’s fine (avoid the machines if you can use bodyweight).

Core work is always fine. Cardio is fine - interval training is the best for this I’ll just throw out. If this is just too much mental strain, take solace in the fact that it’s just a few weeks, you’ll gain a ton of muscle and strength and then you can spend the next 4 weeks adding the minute detail to refine the gained mass (like most care anyway - I have yet to meet a guy on this board who will trade 20lbs of muscle for a bit of added detail somewhere).

In a nutshell, put your trust in some of the better coaches on the planet and enjoy the results.[/quote]

I think that if you dio the program as listed/written you shouldnt add crap to it. If you are doing say day two to intensity with friggin squats and DL’s then the rows and assistance you should be dog ass wipped out.

Try it then sure if you need add some small isolation stuff but id not add more compounds.

Great tips, guys, thanks. I hadn’t read that.

Do you think this program looks good? Is this a well-known trainer or has anyone done this program?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I did the routine for about 9 months, worked great for me. Added over 50 pounds to my squat. Plus people start to leave you alone at the gym, because they see you squatting every time you are there, and they think you must be crazy.

I’m on the 8th week of the program. I believe the program says not to make changes. By the end of my Friday workout I’m pretty worn out. The first 3 weeks are pretty easy…that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but it gets harder. For me the benefit of the program is its simplicity.

I have a bad case of add so it really helps me to have a spreadsheet when I go to the gym instead of picking random exercises/weights when I get to the gym.

So far I’ve increased my 5 rep max bench press by 20 lbs and my dead by 15. I think I still have a little more to go, probly 10 more lbs over the next 2 weeks. When I began the program I decided to start squatting narrow stance atg so I didn’t really have a baseline for the squat.

I’ve been the madcow version for about a month so far and am really enjoying it. I wouldn’t necessarily add extra exercises to it because you won’t need any. The only change I made is that I took out deadlifts and replaced it with high pulls. My back couldn’t take squating and deadlifting in the same day.