Bill Starr and 5/3/1

Hey guys, pretty new to this site but not lifting.

Got a question: Ive lifted for 10 yrs now, off and on. Been folloing bill starr’s linear workout and have gotten stronger but i never really feel like ive lifted the next day not really sore at all. SO i added mill press to the routine after i bench. lets say on mondays and then fridays ill do 6sets with my 5th set adding wt and doin 3 reps. I feel better the next day(meaning sore)

My goals are to add both size and strength. My high school weight coach followed the 5/3/1 all school yr with us. We all got much stronger but not necessarily a whole lot bigger. For instance i went from a 235lb bench my junior yr to 310lbs the end of my senior and gained maybe 15 pounds.

So big guys what do ya think.

Last months lifts where 350 bench 385 squat(legs have always been neglected until now)

It sounds like both programs have worked fine for you, so you could go with either one. Don’t worry about how sore you are in gauging how well a program works. If you are getting bigger and stronger, don’t worry about getting sore. Since either program will work, your biggest key will be eating enough to support weight gain.
If you use the 5/3/1 program, use the boring but big assistance template and eat a ton of food and I’m confident you will get bigger and stronger. Whatever program you do, don’t add a bunch of extra stuff to it in order to induce soreness.

Soreness is not an indicator of progress. In the form of more weight, reps, or improvement in the mirror, progress is a sign of progress.


You wrote, that your legs have always been neglected until now. Maybe this could be an option for you if you would like to combine both (bill + 5/3/1) and bring your Squat up:


cool link,

Hey Chezz thanks for the link.