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Bill Starr 5X5 Without Squats?

I’m thinking of doing 5x5 but I can’t Back squat at all. My school gym took out the Squat rack. And if I replace it with deadlifts, I’m thinking I might burn myself out.

Beside Front squats, can you guys think of any alternatives?

Any suggestions?

I will steer you in the direction of Dan John.


He seemed to have addressed this topic earlier.

PS Front Squats are great. :slight_smile:


and front squat. Clean the bar and f.SQT. Or, alternate them with DL’s…or if you are worried about PL style DLs burning you out…do Clean or Snatch Grip DLs. Actually, SNDL is a great exercise.

Some here might suggest a barbell hack squat. Good reccomendation, but I don’t do them so can’t tell you 100%.

All good suggestions so far. Another alternative if you have one is trap bar deadlifts.

All I can use is a regular old barbell and weights. Thanks for the suggestion guys.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Snatch grip DL from deficit.

Don’t forget about the overhead squat as well!