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Bill Starr 5x5 or Husker Football Program?


I plan to play football in the spring and i eant to get stronger in the weightroom. I have had results from both programs but have been using the Husker football program because its for football. I havent used 5x5 in a while but the past few time i used it i gained then stalled only on the bench. Which program would work the best to help me achieve my goals.
Football - Summer Program - Huskers.com
Bill Starr 5x5 - Madcow Intermediate or Linear Version - StrongLifts


FYI the original Bill Starr program in his book " Only the strong survive" is what he used when he was a college strength coach in Hawaii with his Football players.

Questions… are we talking soccer or Tackle Football…( slight joke)

Seriously what level are you talking High school or college ? So your school doesnt have any type of strength program?


I will be playing college american foorball in the spring. My schools program is not made by a professional and doesnt work for me. It only made me weaker. Its circuit training that only lasts 45min, so if we cant finish the workout because of all the players and a small weight room…too bad. I will be using my gym membership instead.


Thib templates in this thread would be ideal…

If want something 3 days a week/simpler google ‘Matt Rhodes Train like a football Player’


Bump for an answer. I already do plyometric training separate from my heavy lifting in the gym.


Bill Starr program is pretty cool. Its definetly a little more simple to keep track of than the Husker set up.

If I remember right, in the “Strongest Shall Survive,” Wednesday was a “light” day. Instead of ramping to a max 5 in the incline or military press, you bench pressed “light.” The light benching takes a little less out of you than going heavy in another press.

Also, I think light power cleans, instead of ramping to a max 5 on deadlifts. Again, light power cleans are way less stressful than heavy deads. And more “specific” or “direct” for the upper back.

That simple switch(less heavy work, more bench practice) might be enough to keep your bench from stalling out.