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Bill Roberts

Bill…I’ve always been curious what you look like. Your obviously a serious intellect but you have used all sorts of drugs as well. As such…what are your stats? Just curious as it makes no difference either way…

Nothing that impressive, though a very substantial improvement over starting point. Currently 193 at about
9% but that is largely a consequence of having had quite
a long layoff a while back… I’d trained superconsistently for seven years straight and then, due to time pressures, stress, and just plain ol’ letting things go to hell, I went seven months without training a lick. Deplorable, yes, but it happened.

So I’m coming back from that right now. When I’m in decent condition I’m 205 at about 6.5% bf and, for when I meet people at this upcoming Arnold, I’ll definitely be about 215 at that bf percentage. As you said, it’s not important though. It’s just what I like and how I see myself. There’s a “cognitive dissonance” so to speak when I am smaller than the 205 value.

This is from a starting point at age 30, of 160 at about 16% bf, so my “decent condition” 205 value is about a 57 lb LBM gain, or about a 42% increase in LBM.

Results would be higher if I were more aggressive with the drug use but I am pretty conservative and am “off” a lot more than “on.”