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Bill Roberts?


What happened to Bill Roberts? I haven't heard much from him.


uh, who gives a shit?

I think he got crushed trying to do a full range of motion 2100 pound leg press.

oops...I was thinking of that other Roberts. :slight_smile:


Wow, that's a name I hadn't seen in awhile. What did happen to him...?

P.S. jdepron, I couldn't help but notice your avatar. Did you cheer in college? I didn't but know several people that did. Some strong mofo's.


I did. now I coach a small 2 year juco.


Cool. Mind if I ask what school? My girlfriend cheered at Kentucky for two years, so I met a lot of people through her. I find it a fascinating sport. Sometimes wished I had stumbled across it when I was younger and maybe had a chance to participate. That or gymnastics.


Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma. When and where did your girlfriend cheer?


She cheered at Pep Club in high school under Jomo Thompson (this is before he got the head coaching job at UK) and then cheered white squad at UK for two years. She ended up quitting because it just took up too much of her time.

Before she quit she almost transferred to Tennessee, where three of her friends that cheered white with her went, but decided she would never wanna cheer for anyone but UK.


so no bill?