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bill roberts this is for you

YOu said i could use synthetics, like d-bol and deca, would they yield similar gains to that of sus? My only other concern is that im competing in a show july 1st 2001, and it’s “natural” so i dont think they’d be too happy finding deca metabolites, i can get primo, oral and injectable, but is primo too mild for my goals? im not concerned with fat gain, because i tend to put muscle on very easily with almost no fat gain.(curse me eh :slight_smile: ) i know for sure that i have access to sus250, d-bol, deca(although im in toronto and hear that most is fake so id like to avoid ittest cyp. nolvadex, clomid…and possibly primo, and definatly equip… which ones will yield me the best gains? thanks and keep this site kicking ass!

You should really be ashamed for using drugs in a natural bodybuilding contest. You will have an unfair advantage over the real naturals. If you want to use AAS, then do it in the appropriate arena.

If you want to be on the shit, that is your choice. However, why would you compete in a clean show using gear? I’ve never understood guys like you. If you want to compete with drugs don’t be a pussy and compete with other guys using.

When i said natural, i meant that they would be testing because it is a first timer event there are no competitions that i could get into at this juncture as far as i know that post no testing(i am still checking), if there were i would be happy to use them…And i dont see why you are attacking me anyway, i am adhering to the rules, i get tested using no masking agents, and i pass. I’ll tell you what i am sick of, and thats people like you preaching about something you know little about…If everyone else at this competition was going to be natural, i would be more than happy to hold off on steroid use, but the sad reality is once one person does it, they spoil it for everyone else…I didnt start the fire, so dont try to put me out… I know that sounds like if im not part of the solution then im part of the problem, but oh well…bodybuilding is about being as big as you can with class…this is better achieved through steroid use…why should i compete and lose because the winner took roids…spare me a morality check because i’d rather have a trophy

I just wanted to make another point…people scrutinize steroid use in so called natural competitions, but natural allows creatine, meal replacements, vitamins, glutamine, and various other “supplements”…so whats the difference here? creatine you buy is synthetic just like most steroids you buy…both occur in your body naturally and in both cases they are intended to raise your levels of them…now you say roids work much better, but where do you draw the line? are the new (kick ass) “supplements” ie n17e ok because they are “supplements”? and even so, if i take roids ill be in a heavier weight class anyway, if i was competing in the high end open weight catagory, then there is a problem, but otherwise, i honestly dont see one, and for that reason, ill never understand “you guys”.

The point you fail to grasp is this: at that contest, there will be natural bodybuilders who have worked their asses off in the gym for 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years. To use AAS and then compete with these individuals is to mock every moment they have spent in the gym, every ounce of dedication and passion that has driven them to become what they are. Compete if you must, but don’t steal candy from the babies: compete with those who are on the same playing ground as you are. And if you can’t stand the thought of going up against others who use steroids (poor baby), then perhaps you shouldn’t compete at all. As for creatine and other legal supplements, everyone has access to these supplements and can use them without violating the rules and regulations of natural bodybuilding contests and without fear of negative side effects. The same cannot be said for AAS.

I will be entering the first time event…if its taken people 5 years(which its taken me)10-15 20 years? 20 years? are you kidding? if it took them 20 years then maybe they should find a new hobby…and as for creatine, how do oyu know there are no negative side effects, and news flash, its not that hard to get gear…and how am i violating the rules if i pass the drug test? And the term “natural” benig used is the biggest farce that i see…almost none of what you so called “natural” bobdybuilders is natural…sure it is in your books, but then by that logic like i said roids are natural too…anyway, i dont plan to live in natural contests i need a place to start and sorry but i dont see the roidman 2000 novice in my area…so forgive me if i dont care what you think

To mike and sig, I agree with baker, there is way too many guys on the gas competing in “natural” show. If you are natural there is no way of beating a guy who is on the gas. I personally know 4 guys who use steroids and compete in natural show. It is to easy to beat a drug test. They have one hour flushes at GNC for christs shakes.