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Bill Roberts t2 dosing

Hey bill, I was wondering if your were now using 1 t2 a day instead of the 12.5mcg of cytomel??? i remember reading you got great results doing 12.5 mcg for 6 weeks and got great results… could i do the same with 1 t2 cap per day???

That’s something I’m kind of unhappy about. I would be using T2 because obviously, giving advice on something, I want to be using it myself rather than just relying on what the scientific literature has to say and then using my knowledge from there. Besides this, I’d just like to use it. However, it seems like Biotest has been focusing on getting T2 out to the customers first and not yet to the writers… maybe the supply is short… I’ve requested it a couple of times but have not gotten it yet.

I (and Brock) recommend cycling the T2, no more than 4 weeks at a time “on.” I don’t want to recommend any ongoing, longterm protocol like the 12.5 mcg/day T3 protocol (which is safe longterm) because we just don’t have the evidence that some particular dose of T2 is appropriate, effective, and safe for such long term use. I certainly hope we’ll find that dose but it isn’t known yet. So the thing to do for now is to cycle T2. This certainly is safe.

Hey Bill, that sucks, order it under a pseudonym and have it mailed to your grandma’s house!! Or I’d be happy to send you some. If we all sent you 20 pills you would end up with a lifetime supply! Come on people lets help Bill out!

Thanks, A Girl! I’ll try putting in another request right now, though, so y’all won’t have to do that… maybe this time it will go through!

Oh, and by the way, it was 12.5 mcg/day of T3 for six months with excellent results and absolutely no problems, not six weeks.

Six weeks, one can use more and get away with it. Even so, for medium length periods like six weeks, 12.5 mcg/day of T3 is a very nice supplement and a very mild approach that many have liked since it was introduced. Fat loss is nicely accelerated.