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Bill Roberts Statement On Knees

In an earlier post Roberts mentioned that full squats can be good for knees but partial ROM can aggravate the knees. I was wondering if you had an references to support that assertation. I am keenly interested because I am currently rehabing a patella tracking problem. I have previously always full squated but a episode of patellar tendonitis from an increase in cardio (impact causing) work led to a tracking abnormality. I am trying to return to my previous level as quickly as possible. Thankfully my physical therapist does not buy into the “knee should never go past the toe” or " never squat below parallel." He told me as long as it doesn’t hurt i can do it.
My question is: Do full squats hold a benefit for me, since i currently have a tracking abnormality.
Currently I am improving through Rehab but not as quickly as i wish.
Anyone have any experience with this sort of knee problem?

Read the two “Smart Training” articles at T-mag. You may even want to contact Dr. Kinakin. I think there’s contact info in the articles.

I don’t have a reference, it’s just an observation of something that has proven true for many, many lifters.

However as you imply, there are different possible
sources of knee pain and for some of them, full squats
cannot be expected to help. To verify they may be useful for your condition, it would be beneficial to consult with someone
who specializes or has extensive medical experience
with these conditions AND who is happy with full squats
for those cases where it’s appropriate (anyone who says
full squats are never appropriate doesn’t have the
knowledge you need).

Without a doubt partial squats stress the knee much more than full squats. I think its because your knees are absorbing alot more pressure when they are half way through a movement, then stop, and reverse the motion. Where as with full squats the skeletal muscles absorb the impact of the movement.

Poliquin addressed this in a Gang of Five column (I think). Also, at one time TC gave away a shirt to whoever had the best response conscerning the benefits of full squats. There were several good answers, some were even referenced. Search for "squats’ and just dig through all the topics I guess would be the best thing.