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Bill Roberts Prohormone Information Requested


There are a lot of new Prohormone’s seeming to pop up here. 1-Test, 19-Nor-ATD etc… Do you know of a good source, book or website that details what each of these prohormones do? VPX and Impact both seem to put out a lot of sketchy information. Being a research head, I like to look into these things. Can you help?


PS. I am a die hard Biotest customer, just put in an order for Mag 10, Methoxy, 4-AD-EC and Myostat…

I have an older prohormone article on Mesomorphosis
which has value in some general areas of description. Some areas where later-acquired knowledge contradicts the article are: norandrodiol (nor-4-AD) does not normally cause erectile dysfunction (the article speculated it might); effective transdermals are available (they were not at the time of the article); inhibition of LH production is less of an issue with 4-AD than I then thought and expected; and 4-AD shows inherent activity rather than relying on conversion.

Another article there is the one on enzymatic

The T-mag site has an article on MAG-10 that also discussed prohormones in a more current light.

Besides all this, a fast summary is, 4-diols have inherent activity whereas diones do not
and the 1-diol has little or none; 17-ol-3-one
compounds (e.g. androst-1-ene) are directly active; diols have no direct conversion to estrogen whereas diones do; 1-compounds don’t have even indirect conversion to estrogen or are even indirectly substrates for 5alpha-reductase; and 5-compounds are estrogenic. That doesn’t say everything but does cover a fair bit. Other than that I would read various articles and search the Forum. Hope this helps!


I already read everything you write, unfortunately since I am running out of your articles. These prohormones are preported to be precursors to equipoise, masteron and now finaplix. Of course there is no data to back up these claims and no research or explanation given. Just wondering if there is a good place to look for information on these. I have already tried searching the web and have found nothing.


PS Keep up the good work. I hope to have more articles from you soon.