Bill Roberts / Primo

Has anyone used Bill Roberts idea to end a cycle using primo; a single large dose on the last day to help retain gains while pct kicks in. Really looking to see if anybody tried this idea with a prohormone cycle such as MAG-10 or 1-T?

Sooner, do you have a link to that article?

[quote]chuy wrote:
Sooner, do you have a link to that article? [/quote]

Try this one. It would be nice for him to write some current stuff…

Primobolan, while not an exceptionally strong anabolic per milligram, seems to have a better ratio of anabolic to inhibitory activity than any other steroid, and is my recommendation as the injectable to use in the last weeks of a cycle. It is not absolutely clear though that this is an intrinsic property of Primobolan. It may be due to the fact that Primobolan does not convert to estrogen, and perhaps (this is speculation) low dose trenbolone might give an equally favorable anabolic/inhibitory ratio.

Dosage for this use is somewhat less clear. Some have made excellent recoveries on a gram of Primobolan per week. In the US, however, such use would be quite expensive. In general, though, I don’t know if most people will recover well with that dose. 400 mg/week is still sufficient to saturate the androgen receptors (ARs) and is a more conservative approach for the last weeks of a cycle.