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Bill Roberts' Post/Article on PWO Nutrition


I've searched, but I can't find this article. He talked about the PWO window really being 24 hours long etc etc. Anybody have the link to this?



That sounds more like a David Barr article, to me. Is it this?


If I'm wrong my apologies, I just don't remember Bill writing something like that. Barr seemed to be all about it, though.


It was Dave Barr.

Put it this way. If your body would "only" accept nutrients within an hour or two PWO, then that should mean that your body only NEEDS nutrients for that amount of time for tissue repair / glycogen restoration, and won't be repairing tissue afterward. How would that make sense?

It doesn't. I think your physiological recovery period (24-36 hours) is pretty much the "window" that you can feed your muscles with nutrients.


I don't think anyone is saying that the body "only" accepts nutrients within an hour or two post workout; rather, what Barr's article tried to do, was to make it known that the metabolic advantages conferred to muscle tissue as a result of exercise exist longer than the "1 hour window" that gets thrown around so much as dogma.


The concept of 'nutrient window' is laughable. Do we really think that our bodies are so lacking in survival capability that nutrients have to be timed? If this concept was true, then those with the biggest window would exist today, the others evolving out of existence. Hey, wait a minute! That's what happened!! LOL!

I love how modern 'experts' try to fit human beings to mathematical models, with all sorts of continuous functions. I'm beginning to think that nutrition science, which gave us such wonders as HFCS and food colourings, is one of the greatest jokes ever played on humanity.


That's what I was trying to get at but my brain is fried from finals week. I'm not about to proof my posts for you SOBs when I'm hallucinating from sleep deprivation :slightly_smiling:


Here's thge right spot for this post:

The research backs the following 8 point:


For some reason the link you posted, while reading correctly, doesn't work correctly.

Perhaps manual cut and paste is necessary. The full link, but minus the http and backslash stuff, is:


Well worth going to the article. Thanks for posting it, BT.


Why not just have an IV bag full of sugar water attached while working out? Makes sense to me. Okay, sorry guys; go ahead with the nutrient timing thing. That's much more powerful than millions of years of evolution. LOL!


Hmm, whom should I listen to: Drs Kerksick, Stout, Kalman, Ziegenfuss, Antonio, et al (authors of the article in question), or Headhunter?

Man that's going to have me going back and forth all day long.




Come on he is entertaining lol


Dammit you forgot your 'nutrient timing'!


"Don't skip proper post-workout recovery drinks."

-Christian Thibaudeau




Even more hhmmmmm