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My wife has been reading a book called the “Fat Flush Plan” and is adamant about the effects of certain supps on the liver and these effects interferring with fat loss. That is what the author claims. A couple of questions: I am taking MD6 and T2pro. I also am on the med Paxil for an O/C disorder. What negative effect do these have on fat metabolism because of the authors claims that the more “toxic” the liver is the worse it functions. Am I just spinning my wheels here or should I continue with business as usual

I’m interested in BR’s opinion also. I skimmed the “Fat Flush” book and it basically looks like a low calorie, low carb plan. She does incorporate unsweetened cranberry juice to help with detox. I bought some at the healthfood store and I mix it with hot water (50-50) because it seems super concentrated, and add an Equal (Which she probably wouldn’t agree with). Anyway, it’s really yummy and it’s replaced my afternoon coffee and cream! And the carbs really aren’t bad. Hey, every little bit helps, I suppose :slight_smile:

I haven’t read the book but from the description you gave, I’d have to say I don’t believe it. “Liver toxicity” is not why people have trouble losing fat. It’s the sort
of concept that has some appeal and will sell books but actually makes little if any sense and almost for sure has no evidence behind it.

Check the warning on MD6. FYI: Paxil is an MOA inhibitor which MD6 warns against. Use at your own risk. But hey, my wife does it and hasn’t died yet.

Fluoxetine (Paxil) is not an MAO (monoamine oxidase inhibitor), but rather it is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. SSRI’s are selective to serotonin only, whereas MAO acted on norephinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, hence, the contraindication with MD6. MAO are rarely used now due to the complicated dietary restrictions required of patients taking them. To be on the safe side, its best to consult your physician before taking MD6 and Paxil together.
Chad T

Thanks Bill & others for the reply. I didn’t buy the whole “liver toxicity” argument either, but needed some “expert” backup to fight my case. I do however like some facets of the book as far as essential fat intakes and some of the recipes are fitting in quite nice with my current fat loss diet. I also discovered flax bread and it isn’t quite bad. Also, Paxil is a SSRI which is why I am taking it (following a 3 week bout of insomnia that compounded Obsessive/Compulsiveness, I would get up constanly during the night to check on the door locks, to see if my newborn was still breathing, etc. just “insane things” that severly hampered my life due to lack of sleep) Again thanks for the replies

On the contrary, there is potential “liver toxicity” when using antidepressants. Serzone now has a “black box warning” on its package insert because it has a number of reported cases of liver damage. The potential is there for SSRI’s like Paxil to do the same. Your physician should already be doing routine Liver function tests on you. Again, best thing to do is consult your physician.