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Mr. Roberts: On a previous post you mentioned that you no longer conduct email consultations but you do phone consultations. How does one go about getting in touch with you to set up one of these. I am planning a year-long training cycle for athletic reasons and would like your input on a number of issues. I am sure that I am not the only one, so could you please let us know how to get the ball rolling? Thanks.

Well, I’d recommend first asking questions on the forum if you think there’s any possibility it’s interesting stuff to other people too… that costs you nothing and may help out other people too. The phone consultations are at the same
rate as other experts at Testosterone… it’s more than
I personally would be willing to pay, but some people have
large incomes and it’s no problem for them, and for that matter it’s similar to expert consultations in any field… everyone that I have done phone consultations with has been very happy and not bothered by the price. But, I can’t recommend them because of the price. However they can be set up via Brian Maslach at Testosterone:

Why not try the forum first, and save some bucks! :slight_smile: I do not hold out the “best answers” for consultation. More indepth and more explanation, and a two way conversation rather than just a single answer, but the same recommendations really.

Ok, fair enough you big philanthropist (sp?). My objective has always been to maximize results while minimizing side-effects. Now, I have only tried supplements so all of this is new to me, although I have been researching for quite some time. I am thinking about starting out with and 8 week cycle of primo, winstrol, and possibly dbol. After that I would love to try the androsol/fina(TA) combo, but that is about as far as I would like to go. I am only wanting a gain of 15-20 lbs., and some quality strength. I have always been more geared towards being strong for my size as opposed to just big. So, my questions are these: How would you structure a plan so as to obtain the most “keepable” gains in a reasonable amount of time. Do you truly believe that a series of short cycles of primo, winny, and dbol would be better for a first-timer than a traditional 8-week cycle? Or would it be better to start off with the TA/Androsol combo? I would like to be as efficient as I can in the next six months, so I would hate to start off with a 2/4 cycle, when a traditional cycle followed by several 2/4 cycles would have been more efficient. And like I said, none of this is worth it at the expense of jeopardizing my health. I am CERTAIN that the buck will stop once I have achieved my goal of gaining 15-20lbs. of retainable muscle, so additional hard-core cycles are not a concern. Plus, they are not conducive to my desires as a competitive adventure racing athlete. My training and diet will be locked on, as I have extensive experience with both. So, I hope I have not been too long-winded but I wanted to be as specific as I could in as little space as possible (see, my efficiency is always a concern). I look forward to hearing your response and to making the next 6 months the most productive ever. Finally, I will be more than happy to write a detailed report of these 6 months, from training to diet to your “added” recommendations and submitting them to the forum as well as the T-Mag web site. I also have experience in writing articles for journalistic publication so I believe that this can be a great learning tool for all.
Thank you for your time and your knowledge.


Well, your goals seem to disagree with each other… you want the next six months to be as efficient as possible, but you only want 15-20 lb of muscle gain. But 15-20 lb of muscle gain in 6 months is not very efficient at all, it can be gained far faster. It’s very possible to gain 15 lb in
two weeks, much of the time.

If you want maximum results in the next 8 weeks, yes, a straight cycle of substantial dosage (500-1000 mg/week) will give more results than 2 on / 4 off at the same weekly dosage. The same would be true if talking about six months
(24 weeks) and comparing say 5 on, 1.5 off four times;
or 8 on 4 off twice, with 2 on / 4 off.

If comparing cycles using the same amount of steroids in the same time frame, however, or same percentage of time
off, e.g. comparing 8 on / 16 off, the 2 on / 4 off wins

Personally, with your goals, I’d slap on a quick 10-15 lb
in two weeks with a serious 2 week cycle, have myself some training cycles planned out, and hit the juice briefly once or twice more after that… more than that and you will exceed your goal, which you say you don’t want to do.

The only way you can be for major portions of a 6 month period and gain only 15-20 lb LBM is if using very low doses of steroids, and frankly I feel this is not a good way to go because you get the inhibition problems (or most of them) and have them for a much longer time than necessary yet get relatively little gains to show for it. If you’re “on” and inhibiting your natural testosterone, then be seriously “on” (not ridiculously so, but seriously) and make some rapid gains for your trouble. That has always been my philosophy anyway.

Bill, thanks for the input. As you suggested, I will go with several quality 2/4 cycles and see if I can’t achieve my goals that way. However, I do have one more question: if using 1000mgs of primo on day 1 and 300mgs on days 4, 7, and 10 coupled with 200mg of winstrol on day 1 and then 50mg eod, at the end of the 2 weeks “on” can I continue to use the winstrol orally at 50mg a day (before noon) throughout my 4 “off” weeks, then pick up with the primo and back to injecting the winstrol eod? Will this cause any problems? What would be the best way to incorporate androsol into the mix? Finally, after these 2 cycles of 2on/4off (total of 12wks), I would like to then try some trenbolone acetate/androsol. The question now becomes should I do an 8-week cycle with these two or stay with the 2on/4off for a total of 12 more weeks? This gives me a total of 24 weeks, or the six month plan that I outlined earlier.

Any more input on this idea?

Well, using Winstrol injectable during the two “on” weeks and then orals during all four off weeks, then repeating, has you using 17alkylated steroids continuously. I don’t recommend this. At most use the orals for 3 of the 4 off weeks and long term 2 is better. (The alkylated steroids have the liver toxicity problem regardless of whether they are taken orally or injected.)

Since we don’t really have answers on the efficacy of
daytime only use of Androsol, it’s not really possible to
recommend it in particular during the off weeks, not in place of the oral pharmaceutical steroids which are proven effective and low-inhibitory in that application.

Adding in Androsol to the Primo and Winstrol however in the on weeks should add to results.

As for whether a subsequent trenbolone/Androsol cycle should be a series of 2 on /4 off or eight weeks straight, it’s the same considerations as given before as to which is “best” in which circumstances. By the six month point you are talking about, you should be well past the amount you said was the most you wanted to gain anyhow so perhaps you will just be thinking maintenance at that point, in which case 2 on /4 off would be more reasonable.

BTW, if you are only getting up to what your natural limit is – in other words, using steroids to get to the same place faster that you could have gotten to naturally – expect to retain all your gains except for water gains. If you go beyond that point, my estimation is that long term you can retain about half of the improvement you achieve past your natural limit. E.g. if you get 30 lb over what you could ever have achieved naturally, further natural training should be able to keep you at 15 lb over what you would otherwise have achieved, approximately.


Well, Mr. Roberts I would like to thank you for your knowledge but more importantly your integrity. You could have just told me to set up the phone consultation, but instead you offered your advice for free. I am going to do as you advised and will keep a very detailed journal of all variables for the six-month period. At the conclusion I will write a informative summary on the whole experience, and I would like to have your permission to submit it to you first for your opinion. Based on what you think, I will submit it to the board here so that all can learn from my experiment. I will keep in touch, and once again I thank you!

Sounds great, Racer! I expect you’ll be surpassing your goals by quite a bit!