Bill Roberts or Chris Shugart-Does age affect Mag-10 results

I am curious to know does age affect the results of Mag-10. I had a gentle ask if it is possible since he is 56, for him to have reached his peak and not gain any results from using Mag-10. Any information would be helpful for me to answer customer questions.

That’s a good question, but I’m going to let Bill answer it. He’s da man in that area.

BTW, age has nothing to do with whether a person has reached his “peak” genetically. (I assume that’s what he meant.) I’ve seen guys train for 25 years and never reach their potential because of a lack of diet and training knowledge (mostly diet). If he’s just talking about his somewhat advanced age and his reaction to such an androgen, then again I defer to Bill.

Another note: We’re seeing a lot of reports from those who’ve trained many years and have used steroids who still claim 8-10 pounds of lean muscle gains with one bottle of MAG-10. That says a lot.

The quick answer is no. If anyone actually ever hits their natural peak, irregardless of age, Mag10 or some other androgen will push the person past that plateau. Age is not a limiting factor. In fact, I think that the older you are, the more Mag10 will help. I am 56 also and have purchased Mag10 but have not used it yet due to some upcoming travel plans that would interfere with my training. However, I have tried Androsol and Nandrosol in the past with very good results. I have been training for over 17 years and thought I was stuck at where I was but these new legal supplements have proved me wrong. I think us old geezers need a little boost now and then even more than the younger testosterone-filled guys.

i don’t understand. you’ve used androsol and nandrosol and you’re going to use MAG-10 and you post under the name “Avoid Roids”? newsflash, these are “roids”. they do the same thing. maybe you have a problem with the legality or maybe you have a problem with injections, i don’t know. if you actually think that using MAG-10 is completely different from someone who uses Primo w/ Anavar or whatever, then you’re out of your mind. you’ve lost all credibility and you can no longer lead the pack of people against steroids. case closed. change your name to “Use Roids”.

Maybe he means hemmoroids? I know I avoid them at all costs. Actually, I doubt that many of the tmag cutomers would put m10, etc in the same class as d-bol. I am sure that in many cases, such as my own, the difference is legality. I can’t afford to risk my reputation and money for a few more pounds of muscle.

“Upcoming travel plans”? You coming out to Big Sky country? If so, I believe there’s a steak waiting for you…

P.S. Hey Scott, Mr. Roids has been pretty clear why he chose his screen name, and he’s by no means “leading the pack” of people against steroid use. But I’ll let him address this.

yeah AVOID, Scott is absolutely on the money, just because the FDA has not deemed these compounds to be “Roids” does not in any way mean they are not. 4-ad is a very powerful chemical, and mag-10 is almost a duplicate of primo. just because biotest found a way to take advantage of some perverted fda laws (and yes I do applaud their efforts) does not mean these chemicals are not roids. You’re 56 but apparently you’ve got a lot to learn.

I am forty-five and can honestly say that I am getting more pump, more roid euphoria/energy and more mass from four days of MAG-10 than I did out of 4000 mg of test over a two week peroid. I would say that oral MAG-10 is like daily 75 mg of tren injections without the hair loss or insomnia. My appetite is off the charts. I am hungry around the clock. Even my fingers get pumped. I love this stuff. I’m dosing twice daily and plan to stick to two-week cycles. Also, I hold it in my mouth until I have to swallow, maybe five minutes.

Actually Demo, I don’t feel like typing my whole litany of why I am against illegal steroids again so I will let the uninformed either figure it out or use the search button. However, since they cannot tell the difference between “Avoids” and “Against”, I doubt they have the mental ability to even find the search button so I will remain their scapegoat. Under their definition, even multivitamens would count as steroids so it is impossible to communicate at that level of ignorance. Anyway, I don’t have time since I need to go feed the horses and give my mare a legal shot of Winstrol for her bone spavin. Eat your heart out guys.

Very definitely you could see excellent
results, but I’d be cautious about dosage.
MAG-10 is not for use by those with
medical conditions, including prostate

conditions, and unfortunately as men
get older prostate conditions more or
less inevitably develop. I’d keep this
in mind, and would either use lower dose
or preferably would use a product that
was milder, e.g. Nandrosol (except that
it is not so easy to get, being out of
production now.)

Avoid you can correct my if im wrong but I don’t even need the search button to remember you vilifying persons in this forum for using anabolics. in fact your posts in this forum weren’t even respectable until Bob Kennedy set you straight, and I really don’t care to search through all your insulting posts to find your stance. The point I am making is that the chemicals you have used and were planning on using are definitely steroids. I do not care if the fda hasn’t caught up yet, the legality of that issue is not relevant to chemical structure. So either you are in fact a hypocrite or you are definitely misguided in your quest to avoid anabolics because if you truly believe these compounds are not roids then you sir need the education. If on the other hand you simply have a problem with using illegal substances than your argument makes sense, but I am still confused as to why you blasted others for using chemicals for improving their physiques when in fact you have done the same thing. I look forward to your response.

read your reply once more. in the first sentence you say that you are “against” legal steroids. but your name “Avoids Roids” implies that you also wish to “avoid” them and may even think others should “avoid” them as well. so you are against them and avoid them. my point, which was clear, was that you have and plan to continue to use 4-AD, and now MAG-10 which has A1-E, both of which are anabolic compounds. therefore, you don’t “avoid” roids and you are NOT “against” roids because you are using them. i hope your definition of roids isn’t that they have to be illegal. my question is, and sorry that i forgot your old lame posts that targeted people who CHOOSE to use steroids, why you are against steroids. if its because of legality then i can understand that but in no way should you condone others or whatever it is you tried to do and continue doing with the name “Avoid” because they choose to break the law. if that’s the case, then boy have you gotten old.

Eddie, just fucking drop it man, you missed the debate a long time ago, move on bro.

Well now Ed, since you can’t seem to find the search button, I have done it for you and cut and pasted below, with some update, a response to a similar question asked several months ago.

"Well Sasa, since you asked I will reply.

First, my moniker does not imply that I am against ALL steroid use. It merely says that I AVOID the use of steroids. That is my personal preference. I am not going to risk my financial future or physical well being by using something that I have inadequate knowledge about even though I probably have more knowledge about steroids than most bodybuilders and, sadly, most steroids users. However, I still deem it inadequate.

Second, I am against steroid use by the uninformed, physically immature individual who has not attempted to reach anywhere near his natural limit. Very few people are qualified to self administer steroids, or any other controlled substances, as witnessed by the countless ridiculous questions you see posted on the steroid board that should have been asked before steroids were taken or researched on this website. It seems to be the person who cannot wait to see magical results that gets himself into the most trouble. There are too many inherent risks with steroid use for the uninformed to risk his/her health with abusive use of the drugs. I know, I know. A lot of people say “its my body and I can do with it as I please.” That is a dumb argument which holds no water.

Thirdly, I am against steroid use in women. My personal opinion is that today’s female BB’s look awful. Many of the side effects associated with female use of steroids, such as virility, may be irreversible.

Fourthly, I don’t know about in Croatia, but in the USA steroids are illegal. Whether that is correct or not does not matter. They ARE illegal here and possession can land someone in jail (unless, of course, you rat out your supplier and your friends that juice to cut a deal with the DA.)

Finally, MAG10 is not an illegal steroid. It is a LEGAL SUPPLEMENT. Repeat after me S_U_P_P_L_E_M_E_N_T. It is not intended for veterinary use so there is nothing left to amateur interpretation on converting it to human use. It comes with very explicit directions as to usage and dosage and, perhaps more importantly, who should not use it. It has apparently little or no side effects, especially compared with steroids. It is manufactured in a sanitary environment to assist the bodybuilder in gaining LBM…not to fatten up heifers in the feedlot awaiting slaughter.

That may be a longer answer than required Sasa but people sometimes misinterpret my moniker. I hope I have satisfactorily answered your query. And, yes, I have placed a pre-order with BioTest to try it."

Lastly Mr. Ed, the more you and your fellow posters holler and whine that Mag10 is a steroid, the more likely the FDA is to trump up a reason to halt its manufacture. Think how popular that will make you Eddie. Mag10 has the ability to actually put a serious hurt on the illegal trading in steroids and your jumping up and down could reverse that and actually help the steroid underground and get uninformed users screwed up physically…all because you feel the need to make an incorrect point. Please rethink your position and think before you post in the future.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good dosing! Roids out.

Scott, my computer says “illegal steroids.” So what is your point now Einstein? Give it a break and go feed your pie hole.

I meant to write that you are “against illegal steroids”. by this i was showing that you are both against and avoid illegal steroids. i could care less about your moniker but remember back in the day when you would voice your opinion every time there was a steroid-related post. change your name to Avoids Illegal Roids and then your moniker will be correct. you’re right about MAG-10 being a SUPPLEMENT. my point was that it is possible to use steroids safely and get the same positive effects as MAG-10 without any negative side effects, like MAG-10. You should not worry about the FDA yanking it because of these posts, that’s absurd. Bill has mentioned a number of times that they would have a very hard time doing this because of all the precautions they took. i still have a hard time figuring out why you care so much that people choose to abuse illegal steroids or just risk their freedom by using them. as you noted, its their own choice. Merry Christmas. I’m sick of trying to explain to you that you need to admit that you are using someting comparable to steroids so going my the name “Avoid Roids” is two-faced. So this debate is now over.

Fair enough Scott. I will change my moniker to Avoids ILLEGAL Roids…as soon as you change yours to ASSHOLE. Merry Christmas and have a safe New Years!

Fair enough Avoids, at least on your stance. I will not argue with you there because I in fact agree with you. However calling me Mr. Ed is an act of immaturity, and on your statement “…all because you feel the need to make an incorrect point.” is completely wrong, my point is absolutely not incorrect and I firmly believe Bill Roberts would agree with me. I am not going to alert the fda in any way, in fact they wouldn’t take anything I would post in a forum with a grain of salt so who cares? The label itself is much more provocative than my posts. You are right in stating Mag10 seems to have little or no side effects when used “properly”, and yes it has drections to guide. However if you doubt the validity of mag10 being a drug go ahead and undertake an 16 week straight cycle uninterrupted, and report in on the status of your endocrine system. Peace.