Bill Roberts not a Guru?

The Definition of guru.
n. pl. gu·rus
Hinduism & Tibetan Buddhism. A personal spiritual teacher.
A teacher and guide in spiritual and philosophical matters.
A trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor.
A recognized leader in a field.
An acknowledged and influential advocate, as of a movement or idea.

Like it or not you are a guru Bill.

Thanks for all the help. Your a god man:
A T-Man.

What about ME??

Thanks. But there’s a connotation to the word that a guru is one that some people follow out of authority or believing in the guy, etc. Sort of a cult thing. At least that’s how I see the word. Instead I try to explain why and hopefully give a rational basis for whatever advice I might have, and if someone doesn’t agree, having considered what I said as well as perhaps other things, unlike a guru I’m not in the least offended.

(I do feel weird answering a post like this at all though! Glad to help, but trust me, while I do OK in some areas, there are plenty of people around who in many ways are considerably smarter than me.)

That all describes ME right?

And what a humble Guru he is. Thanks Bill.

I can’t say I’m humble about it though. Oh well.

“did you ever know that your my hero…your everything that i wish i could be…if i could fly higher than an eagle…you were the wind beneath my wings…” lol no but seriously thanks Bill Roberts for all the great info and help…keep it up…oh and thanks for not being bill phillips lmfao…what a tool.