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Bill Roberts: MD-6 Dosing

Bill: A previous post asked a basic question:

Will spreading the maximum six caps of MD-6 out over the course of the day be as effective as taking 2 caps, three times per day OR 3 caps twice a day? (EXCLUDING any sensitivity that someone may have?)

I make that last statement because sensitivity is straightforward. Some people simply get too “wired” on multiple caps taken at one time. My question is whether or not you change the EFFECTIVE phamacokinetics (i.e. decrease the effective serum concentration)if you take single pills spread out over the course of the day.

As always…thanks!

I know this question was addresed to Bill but I will throw my $.02 in. It should increase the effectivness due to the short half life of ephedrine. There is an excelent article by Bryan Haycock over at muscle monthly which explains why this is the best way to take EC.

i also need to know this.

I’ve experimented extensively with thermo dosing schedule and came to the definate conclusion that smaller more frequent doses work much better at elevating metabolism and energy levels are much more stable. Also, I found I could bump up the dose a little higher with even less side effects than at standard dose. I had best results with least side effects by taking 1/2 dose every ~2 hours, for a total of 1.5 x recommended daily dose for the day. Energy levels were very stable with none of the high/low swings and I felt more consistently “warmer” and fat loss seemed quicker.

Yes, more frequent smaller dosings (for
same total amount) is (almost) never less effective and generally is more effective, except in cases where the compound has a long half-life, where there’s no difference.

(The exception to this can be medically where a drug
must achieve blood levels past a certain threshold to be effective, but due to toxicity problems it isn’t acceptable for levels to be this high constantly. But that is not the case with supplement products.)

I took a thermo for about 3.5 weeks, stopping on weekends. Now, I am not longer taking it, but I get continuous headaches every day. They go away for a little while when I have caffeine or sometime when I eat something. I’m staying away from the diet pop and coffee. Has this happened to anybody? I should also mention that I was only taking 2 caps, twice a day. I also stopped feeling its effects after about 2 weeks of usage.

does taking MD6 on an empty stomach or with food make any difference…?

My Girlfriend turns 18 in July and she wants to take MD-6 to lose fat. In the supplement facts it says that no one under the age of 18 should take this. Would it be okay for her to take it now or should she wait a more months.

It use to happen to me too. Instead of just stopping taking them, lower the dosage graduly. For example, if you are use to 6 caps a day, try taking 4 for a couple of days. If you feel ok, go down till 2, then to 0.