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Bill Roberts: Mag 10 and Fat Loss

I’d like to use Mag 10 in the 2nd and 3rd week of Meltdown training to help aid fat loss and also aid in muscle mass retention. My question is 1. Should I use less than the recommended dosage being that I’m trying to shed fat and not gain size (i.e. one capful a day). 2. If this is the case, would it be beneficial to extend the Mag 10 use to 1 capful a day for 3 weeks?

I’d rather extend the time past 2 weeks only if planning on doing more like 6-8 weeks. The reason is, why lose the special benefit of the unusually fast recovery at the 2 week point just for the sake of one extra week.

The lower dose makes perfect sense on a cutting cycle if the substantial money savings seem worth the relatively small difference in results. Whatever small amount of extra LBM is lost with the lower dose vs. the higher, you’ll be able to regain easily later anyhow.

So it depends on the person… for some, saving
$17 per week or whatever is worth doing considering the difference in results is not so much, while for others, saving $17 is just not worth any compromise in results.