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Bill Roberts - M

Bill- Can you clear up the questions about “M”?
How effective is it and also how do you incorporate it into a cycle? Thank you


Pretty vague question. You should give Bill more details if you want a proper answer. A cycle of what and for how long? Have you searched through previous posts regarding M?

As a general rule, I think M was designed to work with combination with Mag-10 as a post cycle supplement to get T levels cranking. Used often with Tribex. M can also be used in older guys with flagging T levels to help improve Testosterone/Estrogen ratio. There has been some discussion about M being a substitute for Clomid in certain cases as well

I honestly don’t have that much practical
information on M. I wasn’t part of the
product development team on that one –
my only contributions were an informal
test to see if it seemed to block water
bloating when using an aromatizable
steroid (Dianabol) which it did seem
to do a good job on, and some discussion
every now and then as it was being developed.

On the Forum, Blackjack in particular
has had excellent ongoing results from it.

My personal opinion is that for most
lifters, natural estrogen levels aren’t
an issue and M would be best suited as
Bert said for post-cycle use to help
recover T production. It seems though
that at least for some, it’s also an
excellent product for ongoing use.