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Bill Roberts- just curious

I emailed various discussion boards a couple of years ago regarding the oral delivery of prohormones such as Androdiol mixed with ethyl alcohol, or Everclear (ethanol, right?). I had actually experimented with it myself, though I took precautions concerning the actual alcohol consumption. I took alot of heat on the boards for even trying such a thing, even though I did report seeing some gains from it (I actually did see gains). Although I abandoned this approach for obvious reasons, I am wondering if maybe this kind of amateur ‘wrecklessness’ contributed to any of your ideas toward formulation/delivery, or if you could explain if such a thing might actually work or not? My theory was that the alcohol might carry the prohormone to the the tissues with itself, and that the alcohol might somehow decrease breakdown of the prohormone by the liver, etc. Mike Palumbo posted on the issue at the time and said 1)I was crazy 2)I had a drinking problem 3)It wouldn’t work, anyway. Imagine Palumbo calling ME crazy!? By the way, where is he now, anyway?

Uh, no, there’s no similarity between
the use of alcohol for transdermal delivery
compared to use as for making an oral solution and one idea had nothing to do
with the other. The Androsol idea was based
on my prototype Finasol method (except that
was acetone based) which was probably six
years ago, or at least five; and then further
confirmed by work by Dr Annette Bunge at the Colorado School of Mines, who did some very fine work on effects of very thin films on the skin. Androsol was switched to isopropyl alcohol because acetone dried faster than optimal and
probably would not have been legal either.

The ethanol won’t help carry dissolved prohormone to the tissues. Instead, the ethanol
dissolves into water and is carried away from the prohormone by the water.

Try dropping a half-ounce or so of your ethanol solution into 16 ounces or so of
water, and you’ll see what I mean. (The prohormone will come out in a cloud.)