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Bill, in one of your drug profiles at another web site you stated that Tren is very effective and doesn’t need to be stacked with the exception of Testosterone. In fact if one were to stack, the potency of the tren would be diminished. However, I thought that on this forum you have stated in the past that Tren would stack nicely with winny or dianabol. Which is it? A lot of us would like to know the best route. Thanks

Actually (though on re-reading I see where
I was a little unclear) what I was saying
is that since trenbolone is such an
effective Class I steroid, there is no point
in stacking any other Class I, except
testosterone can be useful. I then went on
to say you should stack a Class II such
as Dianabol.

Bill…I am starting a Test Enanthate/Tren cycle in a couple of weeks. I finished a five week cycle of 1000mg/week of Test. Enanthate about four weeks ago. In my new six week cycle, when should I incorporate the Tren? I have heard the 2nd week? I am planning 500mg/week of the Test and 75mg/day of the Tren. Should I “up” the Test., or is 500mg/week sufficient? I had plenty of water retention with the 1000mg/wk of Test., which I didn’t care for. Too bloated.

Trenbolone gives excellent bang for the buck
and has no aromatase or 5alpha-reductase issues, so I’d use it right from the start, and in fact use a loading dose, triple the daily
dose, on the first day.

With 75 mg/day trenbolone acetate, 500 mg of testosterone should be quite sufficient except for someone who’s already a monster (therefore, in a much harder position to gain yet more.) Decreasing from 1000 mg/week, on account of
adding the trenbolone, is a good decision.

OK Bill, it there anywhere that you’ve written it out which drugs on Class I or Class II…If not could you do that. It would make it so much easier and more effective for building a cycle. If not, could you at least email it to me or to Meso?

Class I and having very little non-AR-mediated activity: Primo, Deca, trenbolone, probably Equipoise.

Class I also having non-AR-mediated activity:

Class II: Dianabol, Anadrol, 4-AD, nor-4-AD,
Winstrol. If using any of the first four,
there’s no stacking benefit to using any
of the others of that group as opposed to
just using more of that same steroid. But
Winstrol does stack synergistically with
any of the first four, it seems to me, as
well as synergistically with Class I.