Bill Roberts/Cy Willson: Androgel?

Is the concept of using 5g of androgel during the first few weeks of PCT valid ?

Personally I´d rather have a slightly prolonged recovery than a crash and quicker recovery.

Say 4 weeks of androgel with a estimated 50 % recovery rate compared to going cold turkey and having 100 recovery rate ?

My cycle would be 8-10 weeks and the compounds would be cleared out of the system when I start the androgel.
Low dose HCG (250 iu´s twice per week) would be used throughout the cycle.

PCT would be Clomid staring at the same time as the androgel.

Or you could read up on the test taper within this forum.

“P 22 Test Taper Thread”

It has been used sucessfully by a few members here.

Read it. Still would like feedback from Bill and Cy.

Also is Androgel better for this purpose than injections of test ?

(due to stable blood levels).

Or you could just use Test Prop and avoid all this fiddle-faddle.

Test prop has a 4-day half-life and Androgel was Cy´s choice in the Steroids for health article from 2003.

A man can certainly change his opionon in 5 years but it appears I´m not getting any replies…

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This must be an invasion…did got shut down???

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
No offence dude, but who do you think you are?

Cy and Bill are both ‘the real deal’ and as such have professional lives to lead. I’m not saying that they think they are too good to answer questions, just that they are likely very busy.

Hell, we ALL wish they would both be around to answer all our questions, but it just don’t work that way, sorry.

Cy has already stated that he would choose androgel, so what exactly is your question?


[quote]sawadeekrob wrote:
This must be an invasion…did got shut down???

Yeah it did actually. :slight_smile: The steroid section that is. Not sure why.

Edit I re-checked and was wrong. For some reason, the section isn’t listed in the same place as before.

My question, as stated, was if this was his (their) current opionon. I know my view on androgens have changed during the last 5 years hence the post.

I don´t see the problem adressing either Bill or Cy directly if asking a question of principal nature (rather than personal advice).

Having read T-Nation for a long time without posting on the forums I figured I´d give it a go.

The question was entirely reasonable and important for pretty much all AAS users.