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Bill Roberts...Class I and II

Bill, read your post on class I and II. What is Oxandrolone considered? If I were to take 500 mg of test and 300mg of deca per week, what would you suggest for an oxandrolone dosage? How about Boldenone Undecylenate instead of test? Thanks.

Oxandrolone is a class I. It along with primo acetate and methyltest are the only oral class Is. You’d do better to add in some Winstrol or d-bol to the test and deca.

Oxandrolone is probably between equally
potent (effective per milligram) as injected
Primobolan, to perhaps twice as potent. Low
doses don’t do all that much. So while,
say, 40 mg/day for some reason “sounds like
a lot,” the 280 mg/week that that adds up
to “sounds like not much.” It’s a about
a minimum effective dosage for a man, if
nothing else is being used, and 150 mg/day
is a reasonable maximum. Keep in mind that
it’s liver toxic, expensive, and has no
advantages relative to injectable Primo
or trenbolone acetate other than being oral
(so what) and short acting (can be useful
if you want to do the morning-only thing.)

As for stacking boldenone with Deca, not
that much point to doing so, and as Dave
said, T would give more effect.