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Bill roberts can you help?

wonder if you could offer any advice on this for me?
My mother (carol) just suffered a stroke after a major operation which has affected her sight and she is now suffering bad depression.

Carol’s sight is described as Bilateral Occipital Lobe Infarctions which result in complete blindness involving the right visual field and marked impairment to the left visual fields. Currently she can only see small parts of any “whole picture” (eg TV) whilst the rest is all jumping around as she describes it.

Carol is on a lot of drugs at present but i dont really think her current medical advise is working too well
. Carol is remarkably well physically but very depressed and anxious leading to lethargy and lack of will to “fight on”.

For your info, current medication is daily:
10mg Quinapril
100mcg Oroxine
150mg Asprin
100mg Metropolol
2000mg Metformin
75mg Clomipramine
600mcg Ferrous Sulphate
15units Protaphane Insulin

Im not sure if you have experience in this field but any suggestions, advise or even things to suggest to her doctor would be great thanks