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Bill Roberts' Calculations for Protein While on Mag-10


Quite awhile ago you posted calculations to help explain the need for 400g of protein while on Mag-10 (or any other androgen for that matter). It made complete sense and I was trying to it explain to some friends, but I did not print it out. If you or some one that remembers could post that again, that would be great. Thanks.

Briefly, each pound of LBM gained will contain about 90 grams of protein. So if marginal feed efficiency were 100% (absolutely all dietary protein above what would
be your maintenance is converted to skeletal muscle protein) you would need 90 grams above
your maintenance to support a one pound per day gain: and such a rate of gains is possible while on androgens, assuming one isn’t plateau’d out due to extensive use already. Especially in the 2 week cycle situation this is often seen.

But marginal feed efficiency can’t be assumed to be anywhere near 100%. Let’s say it’s 50%. So you’d need 180 grams extra per day, on top of, let’s say, 1 g per lb LBM per day maintenance.

Aside from that rationalization (which exists only for illustrating that it actually makes sense that protein amounts as large of this could be of benefit in this situation) it’s observed that gains are definitely impaired by intakes of less than 2 g per lb LBM per day, and 2.5 g/lb LBM/day is more preferable.
Beyond this is I think of no further benefit though.

Thanks Bill

Holy crap that’s alot of protein.

I like it!

Wooooo! My metabolism is so incredibly slow that it took two years of TOTAL exhaustian to simply lose most of it. If I ate that much protein I’d look like the goodyear blimp. (got the metabolism from my moms side. There is NOTHING good about their side physically. Flush up bodies. ACK) hehe.

day one of 400g protein. Man I ate alot today.