Bill Roberts, Brock Strasser, and EVERYONE!

I am about to start a my own customised stack this week once my Androsol comes in the mail. Here it is. Protein powder = NitroTech. Creatine = Weider Creatine or Cell-Tech. A multivitamin, plus flax oil, as well as 70 sprays twice a day with Androsol. What do you think? I would like opinions, especially on the creatine side, do you guys really think that Cell-Tech is much better than regular Creatine Monohydrate? Get back to me, EVERYONE! Please.

Again, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people who ask questions.

celltech works good, but bear in mind that you can concoct you own “celltech” for much less. Just get some straight creatine and dextrose. Throw in that ALA if you want. I really don’t understand why you are going for weider creatine. there are cheaper brands with better quality. If I were getting a protein, definitely get AP or some other blends rather than pure whey.

Not sure why you’re calling this a “stack”. You should already be using protien and creatine and a vitamin on a daily basis as part of your normal diet. The others are right, don’t buy supplements based on a six page infomercial. Weider is crap, I used for a while, it never mixes well. Any good protein and a reputable creatine will do. I use Extreme 8 creatine becasue is also has glutamine. Add in some Tribex with your Androsol and stay on for about 30 days and see what happens. Don’t forget to eat!

Instead of cell tech I would go with pure creatine (prolab has a good price on 300+300 gms, 2 300 gms containers sold together, plus its from the German Manufacturer) mixed in with Surge postworkout. For protein if you want to be economical I would go with EAS 5 lb whey. If you want to spend the same thing as nitrotech but get a better product go with advanced protein. As far as flax if you have been using it for quite a while or if you plan on it I would consider changing it up with udos oil once in a while because it is possible to overdo the omega 3 when relying on exclusively flax oil. Udos oil will be slightly more expensive, but I alternate the 2. With spectrum flax oil 24 oz in the black bottle.

Isn’t it “there are not stupid questions just stupid people who DON’T ask questions?” That’s how I try to be anyway. :slight_smile:


I understand your point but i am so tired of hearing people say, “ooooh, check out my stack. i got creatine, ephedrine, and whey protein. do ya think it will work.” Five minutes of search time will give you all the answers plus a lot more. I dont claim to know everything and learn something on here everyday but damn those types of questions are stupid. You throw the word stack in there and it almost sounds illegal. I couldnt imagine being Brock or Bill. I would go nuts.

Please, everyone, DON’T mix creatine (or anything else for that matter) with Surge. The T-Mag staff has been emphatic about not messing with the formula.

actually JB said that he mixes creatine with his surge

Demo is partially right. Don’t mix any type of flavored “Kool-aid” kinds of creatine in with Surge. Plain white creatine with no cals and no carbs is fine. I’m sure that’s what Demo meant.

Yes, that’s what I meant. Lately, everyone I know has been jumping on the flavored creatine bandwagon, so when someone says “creatine” you never know whether they’re talking about flavored/unflavored/fizzy/non-fizzy/caramel chews or lord knows what else is being marketed.

I was specific in saying to mix PURE prolab creatine, in with the surge. Just as t-mag staff reccomends. I know this has been clarified by someone else but I wish people would read my post before they tell me I am wrong.

You’re right. I was sloppy in reading your post, and should’ve paid closer attention. Sorry about that.

Yeah okay I see your point. :slight_smile: