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Bill Roberts Article: EPA/DHA

According to your article “…getting at least 6 grams per day of combined DHA/EPA from suitable supplements. Personally, I use Twinlab’s Dale Alexander Super MaxEPA, which is so concentrated as to provide this amount in only 100 calories.”
This product contains 25 kcal and 750mg of DHA/EPA. If my calculations are correct, you need 200 kcal worth, 8 servings, 16 softgels, to get 6g of EPA/DHA. The bottle (100 softgels) would last 6 days. Comments? Thanks

your good with math.

You’ve got the wrong twinlab fish oil. They have 3 different kinds. The kind he is talking about has 15 cals per cap and 840 mg of combined EPA/DHA.

After I posted I realized they had different kinds. Seems pretty steep $$.

Yes I am good with math. I always finished the math SRA faster than everyone else in my class.