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Bill Roberts... any chance for a Nor-4-AD-EC???


Any reason you guys are not making a Nor version of 4-AD-EC? I really loved N4-AD and Nandrosol. Is there a technical reason or just not enough demand?


I’m interested. Since my nandrosol is running low.

Bill has addressed this a few times already. Do a search.

What do you see as the advantage of Norandrosol? I never took it because of the price, but from what I’ve read you don’t get the CNS stimulant effect of Androsol. I REALLY like that tingly feeling, but I’m very curious of why you prefer Nor. Thanks.

Speaking of searches. Why is it I get an error sometimes on certain searches? Yes I type in a word and click on the red subject of author.

Their javascript limits the amount of searches you can make per minute. It’s REALLY annoying.

How can I search the forum? I just get old articles from 1990 on prohormones. So can anyone give me an answer?

Just as a stack. N4AD has a different mechanism in the body compared to 4AD. They would make a great stack. I really had good luck with N4AD and an EC version would be awesome.


defex, thanks it’s all clear now.
doogie, I used 70 sprays androsol, 30 sprays nandrosol and had better results then either by themselves.