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Bill Roberts and the Growth Surge

Bill, you’ve stated that the Growth Surge Project was designed without Mag-10 initially in mind I believe.
Having said that, how would you, if at all, change the training component of the growth surge project while using Mag-10.

For a more in-depth discussion, the article I have on Mesomorphosis on the 2 on / 4 off case study is a good example of how I structure training for such cycles.

Where I’ve changed since then is a preference
towards training bodyparts only once per week instead of twice, and the option (which works quite well) of even in the two week bulking period, having only alternate workouts planned to be gaining workouts, and inbetween workouts to be maintenance, therefore quite low volume, though still fairly good percent RM e.g. about 80%, and unemphasized negatives. It might seem incredible that results can be excellent with just a single workout during the “on” weeks really being devoted to gains, but it’s true. (The alternate workouts being so undemanding on recovery enables I think the growth from the targeted workouts to be better, compared to having to try to grow in the face of a following demanding workout.)

So an example of this would be, workout A comprising triceps, shoulders, chest; workout B comprising legs, abs, lower back, and possibly rotator cuff and/or minor bodyparts like forearms; and workout C comprising biceps, midback and lats. With each workout divided into two sessions (twice per day training during the 2 “on” weeks) if it’s a workout intended for gains.