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Bill Roberts - 2 0n 2 0ff Advice PLEASE!

If Bill is still hunting around I would love some advice, also anyone with experience with 2on 2off could you give me some quick help? I wont take up too much time, Trying to get lock down advice on PCT for short cycles, I have been all over this forum the last 3 days and cannot find the sure answer. Is PCT needed on a short cycle? Lets say 2 on 3 off, 2 on 3 off, 2 on and 6 weeks off. When is PCT needed and what should be the set-up? Also does time “on” include PCT in this set up? I want to run 14 days on then PCT, if recommended, for 14 days, take 7 days off of gear and PCTs then start another 2 weeker. Is that acceptable? Thanks in advance!

You should probably just bridge on short cycles.

if you google it you’ll find all the info on another forum