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Bill Robberts MAG-10 for Peaking

Bill, I’m a thrower in track and field and was wondering what would be the best way to use androsol, trbex, M,And MAG-10 to peak for two big meets. I have Indoor nationals in early march and outdoor nationals in may. I would like to save the MAG-10 for Outdoors and use the Androsol for indoors. Here is what I was thinking of doing, Stay on Androlsol the month before indoors 70 sprays 2X a day followed by a month of tribex. So this leaves me on all feb till March 2nd then off for a month then on MAG-10 for six weeks ending the day of competition in May following up with Tribex and M. What do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

I’d do a cycle of MAG-10, perhaps a brief one, to pack on some LBM right away, then use Tribex plus Vitex (or Tribex plus M) during two off weeks, then if desired fill in some time with Androsol in the morning only continuing Tribex with Vitex, and then use up to 8 weeks right up to the meets (less time if money saving is desired) on MAG-10 again.

Hope the meets go great!

Bill could you possibly give me a month to month breakdown from DEC to May. Thanks Postal

No! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you can come up with proposed specifics using the information
already given and the information you already
had, based on the plans you already had.

Once you have it, I’d be glad to discuss with you on the Forum your plan.

Bill, what do you think of this plan.
Dec10-23 on Mag-10, Dec24-Jan6 on Vitex and Tribex, Jan7-20 on Mag-10, Jan21-Feb9 Vitex,tribex, Feb10-17 off, Feb18-23 androsol Morning only, Feb24-Mar3 Androsol 70x2 this is the week of indoors, Mar4-16 Tribex and vitex with 70 sprays of androsol on meet days, Mar18-May7 on Mag-10 followed by tribex and M.
I really apprieciate you taking the time to help.
Thanks Postal


Bump again

Sounds like a good plan!

Should be effective and yet allow you
good amounts of off time as well.

Hope the meets go well for you!

Thanks Bill