Bill R two quick questions

Bill I was wondering how old you are. Also, why have you not written a book?


I haven’t written a book (I assume you mean a steroid book) because between the Mesomorphosis articles and Forum posts, I’ve pretty much covered the limited amount there is to say that is true and useful, although sometimes people ask new questions. Also there
are time elements involved. There are quite a few other things that are more pressing.

To me the published scientific articles (on transdermal delivery) that I have are more of
a satisfaction than a steroid book would be.
And certainly completing my dissertation, after which I’ll have my doctorate, is far more important to me than writing a steroid book. So there are several things to do first.

Bill, what will your PhD be in?

Medicinal chemistry. I’ve done everything required except all the writing.

Well Doc, since somebody opened the door on your personal life, maybe you would answer a couple of my snoop-type questions. What have you been doing prior to pursuing your PhD and what will you do after you obtain it? Is your dissertation related to performance enhancing chemicals? It seems to me that the distillation of Mag10 could count as an original research project and that you could write that up as a dissertation.

Prior to working on my PhD I obtained a BS in microbiology, and prior to that I’ve worked as a computer programmer, aircraft mechanic, piano teacher, recording engineer, and radio producer (the last only briefly.)

After obtaining the Ph.D. I will continue with Biotest and also be doing some work with some novel pharmaceutical drugs.

No, my dissertation is not at all related
to performance enhancing chemicals, but
to novel prodrugs (3-alkylcarbonyloxymethyl)
for topical delivery of an anti skin cancer drug, 5-fluorouracil; and also on development of mathematical models to predict amount of transdermal delivery of drugs from physical properties.

Hey Bill, how proficient did you get at the piano? Fur Elise? Three Part Inventions? Chopin Etudes? Did you ever consider a career in music?