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Bill, question about loading.

Is it beneficial to “load” nolvadex and/or tribex on the first day as suggested with clomid (300mgs - First day, then 50mgs each day). If so, what would be your opinion of the dosages?

I don’t know the half life of protodioscin,
the active component of Tribex, but would
guess that it is a matter of hours, so
there is no need for a loading dose.

With Nolvadex, the half-life of tamoxifen
is about six days, so a loading dose
is appropriate. This would be the regular
daily dose plus six more, or seven total,
not all at the same time but in divided doses.
If you don’t eat 7 times per day you might
load the remainder on the second day.

Bill, I definitely am not a “ass kisser” but I wanted to thank you very much for responding
to my question. At first, I did not think that I would get a answer, but you have helped me out tremendously with your comments. This just shows how concerned you guys(at
Biotest)are with customer relations.

Thanks again for your time and attention, it is greatly appreciated.