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Bill, please do us all a favor!

Bill, I think its time you wrote a textbook. I must say your steroid knowledge is very impressive. I don’t use and never will, but people ask me questions all the time, for which I don’t have a good answer since no good texts have been published on the subject (nor have I had any personal experience to make recommendations). I’m sure others will agree with me. I know its a ton of work, but for those of us who know little or nothing about the subject, we would be very grateful. Thanks

Yeah , come on Bill write a book ,youve built up a bit of a following on this board with all your great reccomendations you’ll have no problems selling copies .If you do decide to write a book could you put a section on the 2 on 4 off cycle with reccomendations on stacking , you could even write abook just on this topic.

I agree! Bill is the shit when it comes to steroid knowledge. What do ya’ say Bill?