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Bill Phillips


This'll sound weird but I just wanted to post a pic of Bill Phillips with his new hairstyle (if it's even his real hair...who knows?)

I'm basically posting it because it just looks so goofy...sorry...I think the guy may be nice enough or whatever (I've heard some nutty stuff about him here and there...but whatever)

For those who don't know , he's the guy who wrote the book "Body for Life" ( I did the program from the book 7 years ago and it helped me get in pretty good shape) and he was once the owner of EAS.
He sort of looks like Dean Koontz now.


I always liked this photo of Bill. This was at the peak of his hubris.




[quote]Ghost22 wrote:



i want my money back for that bottle of HMB


spot on, looking like Dean Koontz. Hmb I second that, really bullshit.


I don’t think it looks like him


[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
i want my money back for that bottle of HMB[/quote]

The stuff that allegedly made you feel like you were on Deca LOL.

He looks stupid, he is trying to pull off a look he is too old for, and what might be considered in style right now. He did his part, which inevitably helped to form this site I feel. But he is an egomaniac who has no class IMO.


Is that you, Zac?


For fucks sake guys, will you stop picking on Ahzaz already…

Oh wait…


My grandma always said that old people trying to look young just ended up looking silly.

She was a wise woman.


he’s 44!! thats not really old.Old is 50+




That’s a really boyish haircut… nothing really the matter with it… if you’re a boy…

On a mature man it looks creepy.


[quote]nomorewar wrote:
he’s 44!! thats not really old.Old is 50+[/quote]

I don’t think that 44 is old. I just think that 44 trying to look 24 is sort of silly.


[quote]nomorewar wrote:
he’s 44!! thats not really old.Old is 50+[/quote]

Damn’ kids and their opinions…


Honestly, why does anyone care what his hair looks like? I honestly can’t remember one day that has gone by where I walked around judging other guys’ haircuts. That same hairstyle is on the cover of most magazines lately and, no, 44 isn’t old.


I do!

I’m convinced the look is to hide premature baldness.

Actually, I knew a guy who had something like that cut because of the balding thing (poor guy was only 20 or so). It does look better than the comb-over, but every time I see that cut, I sort of hope for a stiff breeze to see where the hairline starts.


Bill Phillips, Body for life!Dude made a killing.


He was an entrepreneuer and a visionary.