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Bill Phillips on Sirius


I got a junk e-mail the other day, Bill Phillips now has an up-coming show on Sirius Satellite Radio. First Howard Stern now "Body for Life".


Because Stern has anything at all to do with Bill Phillips.


Well,hopefully it'll turn more people on to protein and lifting weights.While I think he's a goofy bastard with all that new-age thinking crap,I'll give him credit where credit is due,and body-for-life is a good beginer's program for newbies.


BFL was also a great marketing program for his supplements.


T-Nation is also a great marketing program for Biotest supplements.

So what?


I agree with Fahad,this is a capitalistic soceity.The problem with body-for-life is that it just gives you one workout program for the rest of your life,and he does reccomend HMB in the book,which I personally wasted money on with no results.The eating part is sound,and is a hell of alot healthier than 99% of the average person eats,but T-Nation is a lot more informative,and offers many different eating plans and work-outs.


Even though his work out methods are for aimed at bored housewives and the fact that he was running arond New York with spandex shorts and a fanny pack(ever see the first BFL video?), the guy is a marketing genius and can simply point to his bank account to silence his critics. He's a lot like Gene Simmons. If Bill can make money off it, than he will sell it.


People need to start somewhere and they are more likely to succeed in the short and medium terms if their program is a simple, straight forward black-and-white arrangement. Most people won't make it through to the point at which they max out their gains possible through this program and most that do will have developed by such time the sense needed to find the further information necessary to continue progressing. Moreover they will already be sufficiently motivated to do so at a high rate. If the complete beginers were exposed to all the incredible variety of information with all its esoteric aspects and led to believe that no particular program was "best", they would soon get lost in the details and give up just as you or I would if thrown into a graduate level math class without proper preperation.

As for the radio show I'm curious to see where it goes. I assume it will continue to be marketed at this same crowd, but without knowing his current financial ties, it's difficult to predict with much certainty. The guy has enough knowledge on a variety of topics that he could make something interesting if he lacked the financial incentives to do the contrary.


No doubt it produces results.I first got interested in lifting weights in 2000 by following BFL.I lost a good bit of fat and gained mucsle following it.But I'm glad I found this site and Biotest supplements,it's like BFL was high school,and this site is like studdying for a college degree.So much research to do on building a body here,BFL gives you a basic education in body building.