Bill Phillips on Alan Handleman . .

Bill Phillips was on Alan Handleman last night, I missed it. Did he say anything revealing? Some of those photos of people are damn good. What is it with the program that works?

I’ve written about this before in my “Dog School” column. Basically, there’s nothing special about Bill’s program. You take some inactive, out of shape people who have poor diets. Get them in the gym, clean up their diets and sure, they make some pretty neat “transformations.” The tans and shaved bodies help too, not to mention they don’t try to look like shit warmed over in their “after” pics like they do they’re “before” pics.

This works even better, by the way, if the people were once in good shape and had only recently gotten out of shape (like that chick in the Body of Work video who had just had a miscarriage. I’m guessing she was pretty hot to begin with before then, so it didn’t take much for her to make a dramatic transformation.)

Check the pic out at the first of my article. As you can see, photography can play a big role in “transformations” as well.

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The guy in the pics took the photos only minutes apart from each other.

Yup, Mr.Shugart hit the nail on the head again…I participated in EAS’s first big contest back in 1997, and all it took was for me to do the 6 meals a day thing, drop my calories, and enter a little aerobics in the morning. I looked as bad as I could on the before photo and as good as possible on the after photo. Now, this DID take discipline, and being motivated by a cash prize does help (Ever wonder why they don’t interview people who LOST the contest? Think they’re a little bitter?) I DEFINITELY could have done it with just the Myoplex shakes and food…all the other thousands I spent on HMB, CLA, and all that didn’t do much at all…

BP came out w/ his Body for Life book about two years after the first contest. Not every winner has used the BFL workout. In fact, two of the first-year winners used the Poliquin Princles book, others used workouts from the old MM2K mag, and one had a personal trainer. At the grocery store, I’ve occassionally flipped through interviews in MM of recent Challenge winners and not surprisingly their workouts weren’t written up. Why? Because they didn’t use BFL either! No need to contradict Bill Phillips that there’s only one way to train! So Phillips doesn’t deserve any credit for their gains (other than bribing them w/ free money and vacations). On the other hand, their hard worked doesn’t need to be poo-pooed either. Yeah, first-timers’ bodies will react very efficiently to any program, but hard work is hard work. It’s not easy to be turn around your flabby piece of shit body. Give them credit.

That guy must have taken some Tribex between pictures - it looks like he is pitching a tent in the ‘after’ picture.

Want to hear something really funny? Every week, T-mag gets at least a letter or two from people asking us to help them win the Body For Life contest.

Don’t miss Bill’s webcast today at 6 PM MST on talkcity… I plan on logging on as “tclouma” and asking “Why did you fire me from MM2K?”.

Calvin, did u catch it on Talkcity? At the end, Bill P. got REALLY weird! He was like, “remember people, I’m here.” Like he’s some kind of spiritual guru or somethin! At least that’s the impression that I got…